UNC Asheville is it too hippy or small?

My son is applying to UNC Asheville and he doesn’t play sports but wants to major in Writing or English. He is open to club sports and fun activities he just isn’t a football jock. He likes skateboarding and outdoor stuff, playing his guitar casually and great conversations about books and life. But, he thinks he is going to be bored at UNC Asheville because it is so small and tucked away. Is the campus good at making sure that the students are engaged and have fun activities that rally the kids together? Are there traditions? What do the students do to blow off steam? Any info would be helpful Also, what dorm should he try for. Mills looks like it might be good for someone who tends to be introverted. If they are a little rowdy, it might actually be good for my son. He tends to keep to himself and won’t join in unless prodded.

Small relative to where? The town is lots of fun, and I got the impression that the students really take advantage of the city.

Yes…Asheville itself is a really young-adult-oriented, artsy town with a music scene. I imagine it’s very outdoorsy as well, surrounded by mountains as it is. Don’t know much about the University there but have driven through it in the summer when it was quiet…residential neighborhoods nearby seem filled with students and/or young adults, some of them presumably recent grads who liked the area enough to stay. Incidentally I did once meet a young woman (while visiting Chapel Hill) who said she was about to begin a creative writing program at UNC/ Asheville…just anecdotal…don’t know whether it’s a particularly strong writing program or not.

Did your son end up going?

We just toured this past weekend. I really liked it. Only 3700 students makes it feel like a private college.

Middle son liked it but wasn’t completely sold. He liked the town but said it was more of a “visit for the weekend” place than where he would like to live. He thinks he would prefer UNC Charlotte as he doesn’t want to live too far from a city. UNCC would make it better for us, he could commute if he wanted to.

But we will be checking out Wilmington and App as well.