UNC-Chapel Hill Class of 2026 Admissions - RESULTS ONLY

Date Applied: Jan 12
Early/Regular: Regular
Desired Major/School: Political Science

GPA: 4.17
SAT/ACT: 1520 (760 RW 760 M) second sitting
Rank: n/a
APs/Honors: 7 APs including this year, 6 honors
Extras/Hooks: child of immigrants? low-income

  • main ECs: speech & debate, social science research, Girls’ State, newspaper, Red Cross
  • main awards: National Merit Finalist, Scholastic regional Gold Key, QuestBridge College Prep Scholar

State residency: OOS (CA)

Date Notified: March 25th
Decision: Waitlisted

first waitlist!

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I’m a little late to this lol

Date Applied: 10/11
Early/Regular: Early Action
Desired Major/School: Business Administration

GPA: 4.6 W 4.0 UW
SAT/ACT: 1490 (one sitting)
Rank: Top 5%
APs/Honors: 10 APs
Extras/Hooks: Not URM, First-Gen, or Legacy
ECs: Gonna be vague to stay anon but mostly leadership positions, involvement in clubs, and community service
State residency: In-state (Wake County)

Date Notified: 1/27
Decision: Accepted to Honors Carolina & Assured Enrollment to KFBS :slight_smile:


date applied: October 15th
Desired Major: political science

GPA: 4.4 weighted
ACT: 29
Rank: 38 out of 380
4 year cross country runner for my school, captain of the tennis team, hockey player, drummer and bee keeper
Lifeguard and intern at the Durham Bulls explorer post 50 program (over the past summer)
In state

Date notified: Late January
Decision: accepted

Any merit aid: no
Any need aid: dont know yet

Note: I am a current freshman at UNC in the class of 2025, but if anyone is interested in a point of comparison for this year’s admissions result vs. last year’s, then here we are. Hope that’s okay!

Date Applied: Oct 12, 2020
Early/Regular: Early Action
Desired Major/School: Quantitative Biology (College of Arts and Sciences) as pre-med. Applied to honors program, accelerated research program, biostatistics assured enrollment, and nutrition program.

GPA: 4.72 W, 4.0 UW
Rank: 3/200
APs/Honors: 8 AP classes and 4 PLTW classes (which had the same cumulative GPA effect as AP classes). Besides mandatory 9th grade standard health class all other courses were honors.
Extras/Hooks: I have an undiagnosed medical condition that I’ve evolved with through the years which has spurred my coming-of-age and given me a unique perspective into vast unknowns of biology. Wrote wonderful essays on the topic. Also a classical pianist and a FIRST Robotics Team Member that earned every Rookie Award.
State residency: in-state

Date Notified: Jan 22
Decision: Accepted, no honors or special programs though (although in honors now, you can reapply once there)
Any merit aid: No special scholarships but did receive a healthy amount of merit aid
Any need aid: Yes, our family was in large need of need-based aid; won’t say exact figures but it was about 3/4 of the total cost of attendance.

Hi…I have read very bad reviews about grade deflation and organic chem grades at UNC. Can you pls comment on this and also how are the professors?

I am also looking for this info as I am waitlisted

Hi there! I was recently accepeted off of the waitlist so expect to hear something soon. Good luck!


Are you in-state and what’s your major?

Nope. I am out of state and biology but I think UNC doesn’t admit with major.