UNC Chapel Hill Fall transfer 2021

Hey everyone, I am creating this forum because I have not seen any regarding this. This for transfer students at UNC-Chapel Hill for the fall of 2021. I applied and have a 3.7 GPA and over 60 credits from an in-state community college. Decisions are supposed to be out on the 15th of April. I don’t feel great about my chances but I still have hope.

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me too (wondering how legacy x-fer works),… will monitor thread for any comments from anyone who would be kind enough to address this topic…

OOS (Ohio - Case Western)
Sophomore year GPA: 3.8
ACT: 31 (2x superscore)
Major; English
Legacy (father)
Rejected OOS as incoming freshman in 2019; Received a nice letter encouraging me to go the x-fer route

I believe that legacy has some weight for the transfers (UNC’s Common Data Set is available on their website and has information regarding what is weighted the most/least with regards to transfer admissions). But all that I know is that OOS transfers are more difficult than in state. The legacy should help you some though.

Hi all,

I’m applying as a Junior in the psych/neuro department with a 3.7 from a 4-year in-state college. I had 2 recommendations (1 of which I’m certain is 10/10 and the other not too confident). I have great extracurriculars that goes well with my goal. I’m a URM, first-gen immigrant and centered it around my essays.

I can’t wait to be a Tar Heel with you all!!

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Best of luck. Hoping for the best for us all


OOs here so not too hopeful
3.776 college GPA
Poly Sci major
24 credits last semester, 24 credits this semester
74 credits total (88 with AP score credits counted)
PTK honor society member
Winner of several merit based CC scholarships
Essays are either a home run, or a swing and a miss; depends on person reading them; I decided to stay true to myself instead of writing what I know they want to hear

Hi all,
OOS here and didn’t apply out of high school/have legacy status so I’m not hopeful but really hoping for an acceptance
Freshman at a Big 10 school
High school GPA: 3.5 UW, 4.5 W
1360 SAT
College GPA: 4.0
I am coming in with 9 AP credits. I took 19 credits in the fall and am taking 19 as well this semester
Essays: Wrote one of them about being Jewish which may slightly set me apart in North Carolina. Overall I was proud of them
I am involved in basic extracurriculars at my current school which I included in my app, including a research program. Nothing besides that is overly exciting.

The website says admissions decisions will be released on April 15th so I’m hoping that is true!!

Hi guys! All of yall look like you have amazing stats. I am an in state applicant, applying for sophomore year at UNC for biostat from a 4 year school!
HS GPA - 3.9 W/3.4 UW
College GPA - 4.0
33 ACT
52 credits (with 20 something AP credits)
I am really proud of my ec’s but idk if my essays make sense haha! cant wait for the decisions! i dont have high hopes bc hs gpa. good luck everyone! (id love to hear what you think about my stats)

Hey everyone
Stats: OOS ( New York School)
Major: Finance and Economics
Tons of extracurriculars: national service fraternity & law fraternity, federal work study - student aid, President of Business Clubs

Can you guys find your UNC PID via this website? SSN required.


If you can find your PID, can you create your Onyen account?

Select No for Do you have a UNC Guest ID?


I can find my PID, but that PID is not eligible for creating new Onyen account. If you can find your PID and create your Onyen account. Congrats, you are admitted.

Last year, they released Transfer Decision on 4/7.

because you have two years in college (a pretty good/well known college) and you have maintained a high gpa, i would say you are pretty competitive. your act is pretty good as well and having that legacy is definitely beneficial. good luck!

you def have some great hooks that makes you a competitive applicant. i also believe that your major centered ec’s are really beneficial. good luck!

I found my UNC PID but wasn’t able to create a new onyen account either. Do you know what this means?

I think they have not made any decisions yet, so they have not created any accounts for their applicants. Finding your PID and attempting to create your Onyen account is not accurate. But once you can create your Onyen account, you have a great chance that you are admitted.

I also found my PID, but could not create an Onyen. Do you know anybody who has successfully done so? Also, does finding your PID mean anything? Or is does every applicant have one.

It works in the freshmen EA application. I am not sure if it is still working in the Transfer Application.
As far as I know, not everyone can find their PID.

Hey this was also addressed in past forums so I thought id just relay what I had read. Apparently Everyone has a PID but in order to use the actual system you must have provided your social security number in your application. That is all that affects whether or not you can use the PID lookup too but I do think that being able to create an onyen account from your PID is a good indicator of whether or not you got in or not.

If the tool does not work, you can just call the PID office and ask them to look it up for you.