UNC Chapel Hill Fall transfer 2021

What are you guys thinking about for housing options?

There’s a UNC Transfer group on Facebook, and a UNC Subleasing, rentals, etc. Group on there as well. And, as I said before, my presence here is selfish. If anyone is planning on attending summer school and needs housing, I need someone to take over my lease. Lol.

I was admitted! So excited! Does anyone know if it is possible to change your major to a different one than you were admitted under if it is still in CAS?

Not sure if you already got an answer on this, but I got my fin aid immediately (I just searched the “student finances” section in the portal).

I’m old and married, so not gonna do dorms. After a ridiculous amount of reddit research, I landed on 5 apartment complexes that seem to be quiet, safe, and non-slumlord. if you want that info just hmu

Yes, I am an in-state applicant

I just got accepted today as an Incoming Sophmore! If you want to be friends add my Snap - allenos or Insta - allenli17

Here are my Stats
College: Direct Admit to Indiana University Kelley School of Business
Major: Marketing( but coming into UNC as an undecided)
College GPA: 4.00
SAT: 1380 SuperScore
Essay was mediocre imo
EC didn’t have much on it
DM me if you want to see my resume as well


I’m currently a senior in HS graduating this May, I recently got rejected by UNC for this Fall but it was my dream school so I plan on transferring. Would you guys say they prefer instate vs out of state for transfers? Do they prefer transfers from a community college or a 4 year university?

They typically prefer instate over out of state. Don’t quote me on this but I think students coming from other schools in the UNC system such as Greensboro or Charlotte are given the most priority in the process.

Im in a few transfer gc if you want to join message me on my snap - allenos or instagram - allenli17

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I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you at the end. It’s never too late.

Considering you’re in state, I will say go to a 4-year if you are able to afford it and can do considerably well in the first year. I heard the CCs have a great program, C-STEP, if money is a problem for you. If you have great HS stats (top 10-20%, high SAT/ACT) then you should apply for your second year. If not, it’s common to do well in classes for 2 years then transfer in with 3.7+ GPA. I highly recommend focusing on your essays/LoR and really letting them know who you are as a person outside of academics. After all, it is a holistic school. Good luck - you can do it!

Oof I still haven’t received mine. I have to verify my citizenships to be eligible for FAFSA and its been a process

I was accepted out of state CAS a few days ago but I am leaning towards other schools. Hopefully one of you on the OOS waitlist gets in!

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Accepted !
Out of state student
Currently at CCC
HS GPA - 2.3
College GPA - 3.9
Major - Gender Studies
EC - had a lot that that focused on my major and my career interest (law) DM if you want to know!
I think my growth from hs to college helped a lot, as well as my EC.

Does anyone know the out of state acceptance rate or how competitive admissions for out of state is compared to in-state?

OOS acceptance rate is 14 percent. Much more difficult than in state, plus that 14 percent includes OOS legacies (accepted at a high rate) and OOS athletes. One of the hardest state schools in the country to get into OOS.

is there a gc for transfers? i wanna meet some people