UNC - Chapel Hill Waitlist 2024

Hi all,
I’m an OOS female computer science hopeful at UNC. UNC is by far my first choice and I would love to go there but I know the chances of getting off the waitlist, especially for a major like mine, are slim to none. I created this forum so other waitlisted kids could ask/ answer questions or air grievances because I know hearing from other people can be far more helpful than google. I know we cant submit appeals or provide more information but do you guys think to email the school or writing them a letter would help? I’m really desperate to get in? Also post your stats below (Major, GPA, ECs, etc), I’m just curious to see if we’re all somewhat identical applicants on the waitlist (as my counselor suggested).

UW: GPA 3.8
W GPA: 4.49
Sat: 1500
SAT math 2: 800
AP PHYS 1: 3
*IB Diploma Student
*Taken over summer (at community college):
Calc 1 and Analytic Geometry: A

Speech and Deb (9th -11th) (Leadership)
Varsity water polo (9th - 11th)
CSF Club (10th-11th) (Leadership)
Spanish Club
Class President (9th -12th)
Volunteer at library [office work, filing]l: (10th -12th)
Volunteer at teen suicide hotline not working the phones but helping around the office
JHU CTY Scholar

I feel the same! I doubt I am going to get in, but might as well try :slight_smile:

Applied for Econ.
UW: 3.9 (school doesn’t w)
ACT: 33

4 APs, scored 4+ (school only offers 3 AP classes)

Founded non-profit (9-12)
Internship bringing political speakers to city (10-12)
Photography internship (11)
Work (year round)
Speech and Debate (9-12) (Travels)
Volunteer at local Attorney General’s Office (10-12)
Mentors new students (9-11) (Leadership)
Mock Trial (9-12) (Won state award) (Leadership)
Organizes volunteer group at local preschool (11-12)
Varsity Track and Field, Varsity Tennis (9-12) (Leadership in both)

Note: I go to a very small school and I don’t think many people apply from my state

Ppl doing LOCI’s or who have already sent LOCIs to UNC do yall know where to send them because I can only find the help/ questions email and general phone # but nothing else

Hi @hals067 , Thanks for responding. Sorry to hear about the waitlist you seem like an ideal candidate. Are you going to try to submit a LOCI

Yes, I am going to summit a LOCI and say that, if they accept me, I will attend. I doubt it will make that much of a difference, but I don’t think it could hurt either!

Have any of you all sent a LOCI and gotten a response? I am trying to decide if I should send one. I am an in-state student, I really want to get in. Also I heard from someone that they have already accepted some people from the waitlist, do any of you all know if that is true?

@virginia4lovers I havent heard anything about that but then again I’m OOS and I don’t have many friends who applied. Where did you hear that from

A girl from my school let everyone know and she’s committed apparently now. I find that so weird though, I didn’t think we would hear anything at least until after May 1st but now I am not sure what to think.

@virginia4lovers Yeah same but I also know some other schools (like G tech) let ppl off their waitlist on Monday and they’re supposed to hear back after May 1 as well

@caligirl202 Oh then maybe they did, I wish they would send out a notification every time they make offers. Have you committed somewhere else yet?

@virginia4lovers yeah im pretty set on UCSD which im pretty happy with, so ill be ok if this UNC thing doesn’t pan out. wbu?

@caligirl202 Yeah I think Wake Forest still want to wait for UNC as slim as that is.

Has anyone submitted their LOCI?

@virginia4lovers I submitted a LOCI, as UNC is still my first choice. Do you know if waitlist notifications are emailed or changed in MyCarolina; idk if the person you know who already got off the waitlist mentioned that

She did not say but my guess is that it would be changed in the MyCarolina portal and an email saying that the status has been updated. Where did you email your LOCI to and have they gotten back with you? I wanted to email one but I don’t know where to?

If I had an acceptance in hand from Wake Forest, I wouldn’t think twice. But, I’m a bit biased…

UNC is a dream school for me but Wake is still great just expensive. I’m just trying to decide if I should email a LOCI.

@virginia4lovers I was encouraged to submit an LOCI to unchelp@admissions.unc.edu !

@seasidegirl1 Okay! Thank you! I believe I am going to send one.