UNC Class of 2023 EA Discussion Thread


Interesting article over 27,000 applicant for EA at UNC

Chance me UNC EA OOS
**applying for business

GPA: 3.755
SAT: 1470 (R&W:670 | M:800)
Courses: All honors-9th and 10th | Dual Enrollment-11th and 12th (getting AA in business)


Started my own marketing agency- several thousand dollar contracts (10-15k total)
Website Development and Marketing Intern at Kadama LLC.
Marketing Intern at C4 Group
B2B Marketing Intern at Bloomz, Inc.
Marketing chair of TedxYouth in my local city
FBLA Gold Seal Committee Head
NHD Research- got mayor proclamations for research
club soccer
Temple volunteer
YMCA Counselor


2018 FBLA National champ (1st/201 Teams)
2017 FBLA National finalist (6th/195 Teams)
2017 FBLA State Champ (1st/45 Teams)
2018 Collegiate DECA State Champ (1st/ 30 Teams)
2016 NHD State Finalist (1st/35 Teams)

If the pattern from previous years holds true then the decisions will be released on the last Friday in January between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm EST. So I would definitely be logged in to your Carolina portal and be hitting refresh beginning at 4:00 pm on Friday January 25th if I were you. Good luck everyone!

Could they possibly release them earlier?

In theory, yes. But I don’t think they have in recent years. Check the previous EA threads to see if they have.

follow up – does UNC look at/limit the number of people they accept from one school or one state. I know about the whole 18% rule, but if a significant (5-10) number of kids are applying from one school, I know not all of them will get in obviously, but do they have a student cap like other schools do? (Georgetown for example does 2 from a school) And how much more of a disadvantage does a lot of student applying from your school put you at?

I called UNC this summer, and a fairly open AO told me that the accepted OOS students tend to have SATs that hover around 1500 and ACTs that hover around 34. She said those numbers are clearly a lot higher than the averages for in-state students. So, they use OSS scores to raise their overall averages. Just an FYI.

@SlimJim005 - The most recent class profile breaks out the SAT ranges for those attending from in-state versus out of state. Not sure how these numbers compare to the accepted student ranges.


I’m not sure where the stat about Georgetown limiting the number comes from. My son’s school last year 6 accepted to Georgetown and 11 accepted to UNC. We are out of state.

@tommc1 Thanks very much. I think what she was verbally telling me in a nice way was that if you’re OSS, you really need to be at about 1500 on the SAT or 34 on the ACT to be competitive. The problem with the range is that a lot of OSS applicants might think they’re in the hunt if they are at or slightly above 1380, but they probably aren’t. The lower OSS scorers are more inclined to be recruited athletes or have some other hook.

Does anyone have information on how many students are eventually admitted to the business school? I found some information on the website referencing average college GPA and how many spots are available, but not an acceptance rate.

For sophomores applying in 2018 for K-F, there were something like 700 that applied and around half that got in with average college GPA of 3.6-3.7. There are 4.0 students that did not get in and those with lower GPA’s that did. They are looking for excellent grades and also business related extracurricular activities, especially officer positions and participation in business clubs. Having some experience the summer before you apply your sophomore year, even as an unpaid intern, doing something business related is a plus (think shadowing a family friend who is a trader, accountant, etc). The K-F website does indicate they are expanding the program, but that will be over time.

Are all applicants considered for the UNC Scholars program scholarships or do you have to apply separately?

@HollyGT I believe there’s a section in the UNC application where you can check at least two programs you’re interested in, should you be admitted. @srabinow2019 The website always states Jan 30, they released the results around 3.00-4.00 PM on the last Friday in January these past two years.

Hey hope everyone isn’t losing as much sleep over this as I am, but we’re about two weeks away and the stress is killing me!
Do you think I’ll get in with these stats? In State from a tier II county
50+ dual enrollment college credits from a CC and a liberal arts college
English I & II- A
Western Civ I & II- A
American Const- A
Bio I- B+
Bio II- A
Algebra and Trig- A
Calculus I- B
Public Speaking- A
Spanish I- A
Spanish II- B
Western Lit I- A-
Intro to Philosophy- A-
Economics I-A
Currently in Microbiology, Gen Chem I, and Statistics

29 superscore on the ACT
24 math
27 science
34 english
31 reading


Landscape company with 30 regular customers and dozens more one time. Installation and maintenance with subs.
Church drummer every week at youth group
Skeet Shooting Weekly
Volunteered at a pregnancy center preparing for community events

Essays were good I thought. Maybe the common app one was a tad rushed.

Solid Letter of Recommendation from an English Lecturer

Did not declare my major but it’s evident from my essays I’m interested in liberal arts majors…hopefully philosophy!!

Anything to give me some peace is appreciated…even if you think it’s a no!

@fromclubgas I think your chances are very good.


I really think you’ve gone to the wrong place for peace of mind.

Asking strangers on a forum to give an opinion would/should not give you (or anyone) peace of mind. Think about it. Unless you’re one of the decision makers in the admissions process, you don’t know how this will go. No one in this forum has stepped up yet to admit they’re one of the decision makers in the UNC admissions department.

For example, someone on this forum says you’ve got a good chance. Why would that give you peace of mind? It shouldn’t for the reason I described above.

If someone says your chances are lower than average, then you’ll feel bad for nothing. I wouldn’t feel bad if I posted my stats and someone says my chances aren’t good. I’d probably try to make myself feel better by saying something like… “Well what does that person know. He/she is just an anonymous poster on a forum. I’ve bled Carolina Blue since I was a zygote on my way to become an embryo.”

Honestly, you know who is a better source? Your GC. You’re in-state which means your GC has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of students apply from your school to UNC. Your GC would have a better sense of the typical student who has or has not been accepted to UNC. Did your GC say you have a good chance?

BTW, good luck. Only 2 more weeks. It’ll fly by. It really will. :)>-

@SlimJim005 My son with a 34/1490 in-state was deferred, waitlisted, and then accepted last year- his HS was super-competitive! The bar keeps rising every year, so it’s really difficult to predict, especially with OOS. @Mcunn226 - Last two years, they released the results the 4th Friday in January. Good Luck!

@Essel Maybe premature but any advice for getting in off the waitlist? Did you send a second wave of recommendation letters? Did he have high GPA too?

@Essel if you dont mind me asking, what county did you apply from?