UNC Class of 2023 EA Discussion Thread

The EA deadline finally passed a few days ago and I noticed there is no EA thread yet! How is everyone doing?

OOS state here, definitely not super confident about my chances, but I’m also a Morehead nominee so my fingers are definitely crossed!!

Congrats on the Morehead nomination! I’m also OOS and my school isn’t on the Morehead list so I had to self-nominate but I am anxious for January!

Hey all, current OOS first year student here and I am loving every part of UNC! I didn’t get past the finalist stage of Morehead applications last year but did recieve a full ride under the Carolina Scholarship so, for anyone applying, there are always other opportunities regardless of what happens! Good luck to everyone. It’s a stressful process indeed but will be over soon and you’ll find the perfect college for you, which is hopefully as a part of UNC 2023 :slight_smile:

@Pastpower Congrats on the Carolina Scholarship and thanks for the reassurance! I was actually wondering how the Carolina Scholars program works, I read the website but it doesn’t seem to say much about how you are chosen. Are you notified by the school after you receive your acceptance letter and are there more rounds? The site says “Fewer than 6 percent of students earn a place in the UNC Scholars program”. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you think stood out about your application? Sorry for all the questions :wink:

@stuckinthefuture Absolutely no problem! If you receive a scholarship of any kind, you are notified shortly after your acceptance letter, that following week I believe. There are no rounds to it, the scholarship is yours if selected. Although I don’t know exactly what stood out, I made sure to spend extra time nailing the supplemental app down since I know UNC places much more emphasis on that aspect of the application and in their activities section I wrote a single essay about the impact I had serving with an organization.

Current instate applicant. I’m glad that the application stage is over, I was definitely getting anxious as I was finalizing everything. Hopefully we’ll all get the acceptance letter at the end of January.

@Pastpower Awesome, thanks for the tips! @saadnc I completely agree! I hope so too :slight_smile:

@edomexchs congrats on Morehead Cain nomination! I’m also an OOS nominee too and i’m honestly p nervous about it

Out-of-state applicant here! Super nervous about everything especially since UNC is one of my top choices!

I’m also out of state and super nervous about how that will affect my application. I know that I look good on paper but probably not good enough, especially because of the competition at my high school.

I’m also an OOS applicant and nervous about my chances. Don’t know if my stats are good enough, I know OOS is capped at 18%. I debated on finalist team at the National High School Ethics Bowl at UNC I hope that will help my app.

In state. Decent stats. Match. Nervous.

@ArWrFe what are your stats? I just want to know what decent is for UNC

GPA 3.8UW, ACT 35 … but Wake County

@ArWrFe I have nearly the exact same stats as you, from Wake county as well, if it’s any consolation. I was thinking that my chances would be around high reach to low match simply because I’m not in the top 10% of my class

@ArWrFe the ACT is phenomenal, honestly I would say UNC would be a safety if you weren’t from Wake.

Just curious…did you/your student receive an email on or around December 6, subject “Think with great minds at Carolina”. Dear (student), Finding your life’s calling and your mentors could happen on your first day at Carolina. And ended with “We can’t wait to see what inspires you and how you’ll inspire others, here at Carolina”. Nothing about “please apply” so I assume it was pulled from students who have already applied. Not making any assumption here. Daughter is a high stat student and has already heard from U of SC and Clemson, both with scholarship. Could this be a nod from UNC-CH to some students to hold on - it’s coming? I counsel other homeschooled high school students and am trying to get a good feel of the application progression for the NC & SC public universities. Any input or past experience would be appreciated.

@feenicks same email received. I dont think it is any hint of anything.

@feenicks My son is out of state and received the same email. I’d love to think it has any meaning, my guess is that all applicants received.