UNC Class of 2023 EA Discussion Thread

Yes recd the same email and also another one today with Happy Holidays…

I called the admissions office to ask, the emails mean nothing pertaining to admissions decisions. They just want students to be aware of the research opportunities.

we love it when carolina sends really nice emails to applicants that literally mean nothing

Take it with a grain of salt but I applied EA and didn’t receive an email(s), and I’m OOS with pretty decent stats…so maybe it does mean something for those who did receive additional emails? Good luck!

Emails don’t mean a thing. Many received them last year and weren’t admitted and vice versa. UNC always sends them randomly

Really nervous… I keep coming across these threads with nearly perfect OOS applicants rejected EA :/. Any current OOS students here to reassure me?

Doesn’t it seem like a strange policy to randomly send extra (falsely encouraging) emails to some applicants and not others? I understand they don’t “mean” anything but if you send them - shouldn’t you send them to everyone?

@stuckinthefuture You’ve got to rid yourself of this notion that especially for a college like UNC, there’s a “perfect applicant,” especially OOS. UNC makes its decisions based on multiple factors so much of the profiles for accepted students won’t be identical. This leads many objectively rather qualified students to receive rejection letters. Simply relax and wait until the decisions are out. Wasting energy over determining whether you believe you will be admitted is extremely futile.

@Tuxurd2 I’m sure they mean to send them to everyone, a multitude of issues probably arise on the technological side of things and for some reason they don’t end up reaching their intended destination.

@stuckinthefuture OOS applicant here, don’t worry about having stuff like perfect stats! Stuff like ECs and essays matter way more. If it’s any reassurance, I got good news back from a T10 school with a 30 ACT and no AP tests lol

On the topic of emails, I believe UNC does occasionally send likely letters. I received an email from an admissions officer mid-November mentioning personal details from my application.

I’m an OOS applicant and I’m freaking out!! Really hoping UVA and UNC aren’t the same day in January!

I’m betting UNC Decisions and USC scholarship decisions are coming out on the same day so hopefully I won’t have pieces of bad news on the same day rip

does anyone know what day decisions come out?

I believe it is January 26th for early action since that is where I have it on my calendar, but I don’t remember where I saw that date

According to UNC admissions, the decision is made “by the end of January”.

Decisions were released that last Friday of January last year with excel, honors, and scholarships released the following Sunday and Monday so I’m betting they’ll follow similar schedules

I’m curious about the general stats engineering applicants have for UNC, since Biomedical Engineering is the only discipline there. I live out of state, and my school is rather different in which we don’t have class rank, GPA’s, or AP classes. I got a 1360 on my SAT, have tripled/quadrupled in advanced STEM classes the past two years each semester, and have an estimated unweighted GPA of a 3.7 based on using a GPA calculator (which I’m not 100% sure is accurate). I am also participating in a two-summer Biochemistry internship at Johns Hopkins University, Co-Lead Model UN, and am Project Manager of my school robotics team (two years on the team). I know my stats may be a bit below the standard for UNC, and this school is a reach on my list, but I’m curious if my other contributing factors help in likelihood for admission to the biomedical engineering major.

did any alumni child also receive that letter in the mail yesterday

Does anyone know how to withdraw their application? My daughter was accepted into her ED school last week, however, we cannot find anything on the UNC portal where to withdraw the application, whereas other schools all have a link to directly withdraw. She had applied EA. If no link, should she just send an email to admissions? This is the last school left to withdraw from since we haven’t been able to find this info.