I need some help here:

so i’m a current freshman at UGA in Athens, GA. I’ve been accepted to UNC as a transfer student (sophomore).

I didn’t make many friends at UGA and the classes aren’t the best but they also aren’t extremely hard which I enjoy obviously.

The few friends I did make were some of my bestfriends and i don’t want to lose them considering they helped me through this year.

Athens night life is probably one of the best as well as UGA football but there’s not much in Athens or outside unless you drive to Atlanta.

I have an apartment for the fall in Athens but have lined up a sublease if I transfer

I am majoring in biomedical physiology at UGA on a premed track and would double major in Environmental health science and biostatistics at UNC also on a premed track.

What decision would you make ?

(i’m also a north carolina resident but the cost isn’t a huge part because i’m on an ROTC scholarship that covers tuition)

Did you get into biostats? I believe it’s in the Gillings School of Global Public Health, which is very competitive.

no, since i’m transferring in after my first year, i wouldn’t apply to the school until i believe after this fall semester. unc makes anyone who is not a junior apply to the college of arts and sciences

but honestly if i didn’t get into gillings i would switch to biology or neuroscience, something that would give me background for medical school or a PA program.

They are both good schools. Which one do you think you would be happy attending?

I wasn’t really happy attending UGA until I guess now at the end of my first year. A lot of the time I just had nothing to do because I wasn’t the best at branching out and all which I know is my fault. But now that I’ve found some lifelong friends, I feel like I’d be missing something by leaving UGA. But on the other hand there’s not many premed options around here. UNC offers more academically and a handful of my highschool friends attend there since we’re all NC residents. I’m just afraid if I leave uga ill regret leaving my friends but if I stay Ill regret the opportunities I missed at unc/my friends i could be with.

You could do shadowing during breaks- that’s what my daughter did. UNC does have the hospital- she volunteered there. There are also volunteer opportunities in the community.

Are there volunteer opportunities at UGA? There must be, and it seems you made friends. Remember- the last few years have been tough.

UNC premed is very hard. If you want to go to med school and are excelling at UGA, you might want to think this through. Also, Gillings is hard to get into.

But Chapel Hill is super fun!! Too much fun if you ask me. There is a service oriented frat too that many premed/pre-prof kids join. Cost of living will be likely higher in CH and it is impossible to get a parking permit.

And I hear they have a decent basket ball team!


Many kids struggle their first year in college. It’s natural. You said part of it was because you didn’t branch out. Now you know better.

So you go to Unc. Everyone has found their footing already and here you come knowing no one.

What you describe about UGA is typical. It sounds like you’ve made great friends.

So I think you should stay.