UNCC Admissions Decisions?

Is UNCC Rolling Admissions, and if so, about how long does it take for them to give you a decision once they have received the complete application? Thanks in advance!

Applied October 29, saw today a decision has been made, I hope it is a good decision

Was your decision posted on the portal or by mail?

It was on the portal. I did see where they mailed out the green and gold envelopes on Friday so maybe it will be in the mail today.

I got mine in the mail today.

My Daughter had her COMPLETE on the portal on 10/9… essentially they will respond within 6-8 weeks…Some will be early some will be near the end (they DO have a defacto early admission period, its not CALLED that, but they decide on people that get theres in by Nov 1, by Dec 8 or so. Good School! Our daughter got accepted there but then got accepted to Film School, her first choice, and went that way instead.

I applied first week of August. Still havent heard anything back. I got nominated for the Levine scholarship, could that have something to do with it?

no its not unusual. They dont have a classic ROLLING admissions, but they dont have a classic ““Early Decision”” either instead everyone that gets their application in by 11/1 gets their decisions sometime in December… last years our daughters was December 8th. So the first week of august ends up being no different than our on 10//9… although you DID get it out of the way, so that is a benefit… From the kids that got into UNCC from our daughters school, and there were a lot of them, the ones that did apply earlier got their answers a bit earlier in December. In other words nothing odd with what is going on with your app.

For those that saw their “decision” on the portal did it say “Accepted” or it did t actually give you an acceptance or rejection. We are out of state and today on the portal my dd’s decision was “Decisioned” and that she would get a letter in the mail.

I actually can answer that. Our daughter was "“decisioned” last year on Dec 7 and within a few days received her acceptance packet in the Mail. Just YESTERDAY our youngest daughter was ““decisioned”” (just like yours) so id have to guess the same rules will apply… One Caveat, you might just check back every day as some UNCs post what the decision is in the Portal within 24 Hours of the ““decisioned”” appearing, that happened last year as well. 2 Days after it was marked ““Decisioned”” in the portal, it was ““click here to see decision”” and it said ACCEPTED, she got the mail a couple days later.

My son got his “fat envelope” yesterday. The documentation encouraged him to apply for scholarships and honors college. I thought honors college was by invite only. Any insight?

Daughter just received her acceptance today… didn’t apply until November so I assume it’s on a rolling basis. She’s pre-nursing and, although she changes her pecking order for #2 down almost weekly, this one has been a strong Top 3 most of the time (she was just cautiously optimistic since she wasn’t too confident about getting in) so I’m thrilled for her!

@tc1207 Good for her, its a fine school!

I applied 10/31 and just got in this morning!

did you get the decisioned message before your letter?

Does anyone know how often UNCC updates a prospective student’s admissions portal?

Its once a day. For UNCC, your status will change from RECEIVED to RECEIVED- Decisioned… that will be followed by either a letter (denial) or Big Packet (Acceptance) a couple of days after you get the mail there will be a line on your Portal (Below "“Submit official test scores”) that will say VIEW ADMISSION DECISION… other than the week waiting for the big packet it works pretty good

Do they defer any decisions or just a straight up yes or no only?

I am wondering the same thing. After seeing how many have received decisions I am assuming it will be a rejection. I’m also waiting for Appalachian State (first choice). Hoping the week of bad weather is what the hold up is, but UNCC could be a rejection.

Any updates on admission decisions and time EA will go out?