Uncg ea/rd 2025!

Was just accepted EA in-state and thought I would make a thread for any others! Applying to honors soon :slight_smile:

Accepted to honors, 4.0/34/1st in class. I go to an early college. Will be interesting to see how this compares to my App State Honors decision and whether I receive any scholarships.

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My daughter was accepted to the Class of 2025. We’re from Atlanta and she wants to go out of state. I originally am from Greensboro, so we’re familiar with the area.

She’s a creative writing major, and is trying to make a decision. Also accepted to:

App State
Berry College (GA)
Western Carolina
Belmont (Nashville)

The decision part is hard this year due to COVID travel restrictions. we toured the campus and she thought it was pretty, but said it was hard to tell with the lack of students there when we toured.

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Hey y’all I was wondering if anyone would be able to chance me, be completely honest and don’t try to spare my feelings lol!

My GPA weighted (my school doesn’t provide unweighted) : 94.667 / 100

My SAT : didn’t submit one

AP Classes : AP European History, AP US History, AP Seminar, AP World History (received all 4’s)

Senior Year Courses -
College Statistics (DUAL ENROLLMENT at St. John’s University)
College Psychology (DUAL ENROLLMENT at Long Island University)
College Film (DUAL ENROLLMENT at Long Island University)
College Spanish (DUAL ENROLLMENT at St.John’s University)
College Composition (DUAL ENROLLMENT at Long Island University)
College US Government (DUAL ENROLLMENT at St.John’s University)
College Economics (DUAL ENROLLMENT at St.John’s University)
(my mid year grade is not out officially yet, but i received a 95.1 weighted)

Clubs/Activities -
SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Club - President (9-12)
History Club Vice President (11-12)
DECA Club (11-12)
Journalism Club (11-12)
Key Club (10-12)
National Honor Society (11-12)
Junior National Honor Society (9-10)
Spanish Honor Society (11-12)
Spanish Club (9-12)
Security Guard at Church Basketball (Paid Job) (11)
Preschool Sport Counselor (Volunteer), Toys for Tots (Volunteer) (11)
CADCA International Representative (Volunteer) (11-12)

Volunteer Hours : 150+ hours

I love writing and all of my teachers that looked over my essay said it was one of the best ones they’ve read so I suspect my essay is a good representative of me.
I’m an out of state student from Long Island, New York and applied Regular Decision.

My major : English and Comparative Literature (1st Choice) or History (2nd Choice)

I know it is a long shot for me to get in because of my GPA and the fact that I am out of state, hoping my activities can make up for it.

Hi! I honestly see no reason why you shouldn’t get into UNCG if you applied, your GPA is great for this school. By any chance, did you apply out of state to UNC-Chapel Hill and mean to ask for a chance me there? Just curious, because then I’d understand you saying it’s a reach. Chapel Hill out of state is a huge reach for everyone. Greensboro is not a huge reach for people with A averages.