UNCSA Acting Class is 2024 Decision

Has anyone heard anything about admissions decisions yet?

@HoldintheMuffin decisions will be released on February 21.

@Artistmom02 Were you given that date recently? My D auditions on campus February 23rd, so I don’t see how it could be correct.

@BFAMom2024 sorry I just noticed this is for acting. My daughter applied for filmmaking.

I was told at my Son’s audition that results were coming out the last week of February and most likely the 24th (the first Monday of the last week). If anything else happens I will keep you updated!

Has anyone received anything? A “priority call” or anything? I’m getting a little worried!

@BoBatumBart My daughter has just told me that she knows of two girls (out of state, not NC girls) who have received priority calls from UNCSA. I unfortunately do not have any information about when they were called or when they auditioned. When I asked her she basically rolled her eyes at me. :neutral:

Oh wow ? Well best of luck! Please keep us updated!

Now the excitement begins

Has anyone heard anything?

I have yet to hear anything

I haven’t heard a peep! Good luck to everyone waiting :slight_smile:

All the schools in the area shut down this afternoon due to the weather, but weekend auditions should be ok. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything before Monday. And from past threads it could drag out much longer for any on waitlists.

I think the February 21st date was for the regular decision for the film program only.

I just auditioned today and I believe they said that decisions would start being sent out slowly this next week, beginning Monday the 24th. Key word being “slowly”. Looks like we’re in it for the long haul, guys.

We are here today. Quinn just told us They hope to have everyone notified by Tuesday and he plans on starting making calls TONIGHT! Auditions don’t finish until roughly 5, so that may be very optimistic of him, but that is what he said.

Wow, so soon! Thanks for correcting that, BFAMom2024, I think I missed him saying that but now I do recall him saying something about Tuesday. Best of luck to all!!

Any news? My daughter boards at Interlochen, so does not live at home, so even if she gets one of these rare calls, I may not hear right away! lol

I haven’t heard anything yet. But it is early in the day.

When I applied last year I received a rejection email on March 14th. So it still might take a couple of weeks. Though they did say they’re doing things differently this year, so who knows.