UNCSA D&P results

My student interviewed with D&P on November 2. Has anyone heard anything about results?

No we havent. We interviewed at School of Filmmaking on Nov 17, so Good Luck… Fun Fact, when we were there for the open house we met a mom and daughter that interviewed at D & P on November 2nd!

@ZeeMeZeeYou – thanks for posting, and how wild to meet a November 2 interviewee at the open house!

Question for you – were you told anything in the info session about when you would hear results? I know what D&P was told but I think each UNCSA school is different.

Good luck!

We have not heard back from them either, we were also there on November 2. Good luck!

I believe that last year can work as a good guide. So lets start there… LAST year at the open house, we ALSO met a family who had a daughter going into D & P (wig and makeup)… we had lunch together and the girls hit it off… THAT D & P girl came back for the December 2nd Interview and heard the day before Christmas eve… So three weeks… OUR OLDEST DAUGHTER did the first day of interviews in Filmmaking (November 18th LAST year) and she was told (via email) on December 12th or 24 days…
The only caution is Is that D &P is small, And Filmmaking is very large. So if you just use the numbers (which we know from last year… Getting accepted right away in Filmmaking WASNT the norm… With only 95 slots and 6 more interview slots to go (after the one she did) they just cant take a lot every time.
Clearly DIFFERENT for you in D &P there isnt the relative number of applicants to D &P as there are in Filmmaking, so they would be much more inclined to take you if you stand out even if you are in the first interview day.
Hope that makes sense. You could always DM and and we could trade info. But with our oldest already in, weve learned an awful lot.

@supernovafx @OrangeFish IF your kids get in you will be very pleased, we got to know a lot of the staff, they have all been very helpful. Their response when FLO shut down the school was very professional. Safety is a big thing for them. The teachers are great. We live close to the school so probably have a better feel for it than most parents. But we are very pleased. My wife and i went to huge Public Universities (NC State and UCLA) so thats what we know, but this little campus really works, it functions well. Our Daughter and her friend in D &P from open house stayed in touch after and even met up in the summer and became roomates. So I can speak to how busy D & P kids are, and they are probably the busiest of any of the disciplines (short of the Dancers because of Nutcracker). Again if you do need anything should they make it, feel free to DM or call and we would be glad to help with whatever advice we can. (especially for Dorm and move in day)

@ZeeMeZeeYou – will send you a PM – thank you!

@ZeeMeZeeYou @OrangeFish PM me as well and we can chat, we are also very close to the college. @ZeeMeZeeYou , I have some specific questions for you in particular about the program, etc. since your daughter is a year in already.

In regards to the filmmaking section, how do you know there are 95 spots available to incoming class.

I believe @ZeeMeZeeYou was referring to LAST year’s filmmaking round of interviews, @rafa10S

Actually I was referring to this years as well. I know because I was sitting in the room when they said they will take just about the same amount for filmmaking they took last year (95)

Are merit scholarships managed through the individual schools as the admissions process is, or are scholarships managed through the financial aid office?

@OrangeFish Not sure, that’s a good question. Let me know if you find out.

@FilmLove – I haven’t spoken to anyone at the school but did find this on the website – sounds like merit awards are managed through each of the schools:

Merit-based aid is awarded based on talent and abilities. At UNCSA, each of the five arts schools may award institutional scholarships because of artistic merit demonstrated by your audition or interview.


Has anyone received an acceptance packet in the mail yet?

@OrangeFish They said that since there running on a new system this year, they’ll be later than usual. Early Feb. Was there estimate

Thanks for the info, @FilmLove

Any updates since january? I got into Scenic Technology/Technical Direction in november and have yet to find another TD kid.

Congratulations @cyguncdnp23 ! Did you join the Facebook UNCSA 2023 group?

My D19 is in stage properties and her portfolio review/acceptance was in November.

I joined right when it was made! that group is awesome.