UNCSA Drama 2025 Decisions

Has anyone heard anything regarding admissions decisions / priority calls?


no not yet … has anyone else ?

I’ve heard of one girl who just got her email acceptance today. Auditions don’t end until the 21st, though, so I’m sure a lot of people won’t here until then.

My daughter got her official call this week. She was originally told that he would be making calls on the 21st so not much longer to wait! BAL to everyone!!!



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has anyone else gotten a call from uncsa today ?

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Not yet, but from everything we’ve read we are thinking accepted calls will go out tonight. Keep us posted if you hear anything! BAL!

Has anyone heard of anyone getting a call today?

not today no… but my friend who goes there currently said that calls will most likely go out tonight!

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has anyone gotten anything yet :((

I haven’t heard of anyone getting any calls tonight. Fingers crossed!

okok thank you!

So im guessing maybe calls will go out tomorrow? I still haven’t heard of anyone getting a call ://

Anyone hear anything today?


nothing yet


I got a call last night (the 21st) around 7 for the directing program and my friend got an acting call around the same time.

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do you think they’re still doing calls or that was it?

Hi all. My D is friends with a few current students, and from what they have said, the majority of the calls still aren’t out yet. Don’t lose hope yet!

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