UNCSA Theatre Design and Production 2025 Decisions

Anyone heard anything yet?

So, there don’t seem to be a lot of tech people this year, but I’ll update this just in case anyone starts searching for when acceptances come out. D had her interview at the end of January and got her acceptance email today.

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My daughter interviewed back in November and never received acceptance, denied, or waitlisted. She has contacted admissions and was told she would be notified around January 1, and then Feb1, and then by today March 11. Her program is stage management. She has all but given up on the school. We are visiting schools she was accepted to next week. I wish the communication was better from the school

I’m so sorry to hear that. They are definitely much more quiet than the other schools. My D is doing stage craft. I wish I knew how the different schools rolled out their admissions. Did she check her portal?

Everyday multiple times.

@greatgastby I know this off subject, but where else has your daughter applied? We are doing a worldwind tour of UNCSA, Catawba, depaul and Otterbeim in a couple of weeks.

I’m feeling the exact same as your daughter right now! I know people who interviewed for stage management back in November and heard back about denials in a few days but others who haven’t heard anything. Should also say i interviewed back in 2018 and didn’t hear anything back until April.

I interviewed for Stage Management March 1st and got an official decision March 4th. I would contact the liaison or Admissions again. The liaison has been awesome at getting back to me with questions about admission via email. I hope you hear back soon!

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Are you a North Carolina resident? We live out of state. 2/3rds of UNCSA students are residents. We are from Texas. I wonder if they have to wait to admit out-of-state students until they have reviewed all in-state applications. The school website shows that their is one more interview date on March 19th. My daughter has been in contact with her admissions counselor consistently and has been given the same response each time that they will be notifying her at the end of each month since December. UNCSA can do whatever they want with admissions, but should be honest with applicants as to when they will make a decision.

Yes, I’m a resident. During the interview, I remember they said that a majority of students will hear back after all interviews are concluded with. I haven’t heard from or know of anyone else who was accepted for Stage Management. I know during the interview they said there were only about 7 spots. I wouldn’t lose hope! You’ll likely hear back soon. A lot of times, no news is good news. So hang in there! :slight_smile:

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My daughter was notified today that she was accepted into the Stage Management Program!! Great news.


That’s awesome!!! Congratulations! I’m so excited about their Stage Management program too! The last couple of weeks I’ve already submitted my enrollment, fees, and housing application. If you have any questions, I might can help, especially since I’m also in the same major! And if you’re daughter is interested, on Instagram there’s a UNCSA25 page to get to know other students. Again, congrats on your daughter’s acceptance! :partying_face::clap::green_heart:

I’m so happy to hear of a positive outcomw after all the waiting!

Thank you for sharing the student group. We are going to be visiting next week and I’m hoping my D will be committing to the scenic technology group shortly after.

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That’s great! The campus is really nice and it’s not super big either compared to other universities I’ve toured. Have fun visiting! :green_heart:

Hey ya’ll! I was curious, does anyone have an idea of what the dorms are like? I’ve seen some of the pics online, but I’m trying to think of what all I should bring. I know it’s a few months away, but I’m just so excited! :joy::green_heart:

The dorms for the first semester are tiny. There were some pictures on the parent group. I’ll see if I can download some of them to share with you. One thing that was recommended to me is to order ahead and have it delivered to the store (thing Bed Bath and Beyond)

There are some threads on facebook uncsa parent page. Maybe one of your parents could register so you can have access? It has helped us immensely!

Can’t wait for you guys to move into the new dorm!

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Thank you!!! :green_heart: