UNCW Anyone accepted this week?

Has anyone else heard from UNCW this week? Sealevel account still says Status: Received - Complete.

@afp114 wishing you the best of luck! my daughter was deferred from early application, her portal used to say received-decisioned and we could see her decision. I looked today and it just says received-decisioned but the decision is no longer there. Not sure what that means if anything but time will tell.

Same here for my daughter. She retook the ACT in February and raised her score by 2 points and her GPA has gone up .5 point so I’m hoping that the deferred letter no longer showing is a good thing??? She really wants to go to uncw but will go to uncc for a year and transfer if she doesn’t get accepted for this fall.

Same here with regards to changes in the portal. I was thinking that they might have brought them into the regular admission pool. My sons scores are above the stated average ACT & SAT scores and didn’t have time to retake them anyway. But he did increase his GPA this semester as well, so that is all he had to give them, even though they were above the averages as well. He’s at a loss for why they deferred him, but I know its not all about the scores. It isn’t his first pick, but of course he’d like to be admitted :smile:

just got in today!!!

my daughter received her acceptance via the portal today after being deferred. She did not re-take the SAT or ACT. she had pretty much given up on UNCW until now that she has been accepted. Decisions have to be made pretty soon.

My son was admitted today as well!

My daughter got in! It was at the top of her list so she’s thrilled!!

I just got accepted as well! But Im turning it down so anyone who was waitlisted can have a chance.

My OOS son was accepted yesterday!!

My daughter finally committed to UNCW today. Deposit is made, thank goodness!