UNCW Honors College Decisions 202

Has anyone heard back from the UNCW Honors College yet?

yes, I got my acceptance email on Monday. However I had friends who heard back in December. They send you an email, not a physical letter, and it does not show up in the portal. In my email inbox it showed I had an email from “honors”, it doesn’t say UNCW or anything so be careful not to delete it by accident.

My son just received his acceptance in the mail. I’m not sure about email.
Good Luck everyone!

When did he apply to the honors college? Also, what were his stats/ECs like

I’m sorry I just saw this.
I’m not 100% when he applied but it would have been around a week after acceptance, I think. Honestly the whole college app process has me in a whirlwind anyways.

His stats are:

1370 SAT
3.9UW/4.6W GPA
He’s doing the 2x2(w/NCSU) for engineering so I’m not sure what major that would be considered. Maybe exploratory studies?
He will graduate a year early with 5 AP and the rest Honors.