UNCW Portal says decisioned

My son’s portal changed today from received-complete to received-decisioned. But it says applicants will receive their decision via US Mail around January 20th. Does this mean we really have to wait a month and a half to find out if he got in?

@mrk21000 , my son has been accepted to a couple of UNC schools already. The portals all look like they use the same engine with different colors, pictures, and insignia.

Underneath the word “decisioned” and the paragraph below that is a column of green checkmarks. One should be labeled “View Admission Decision”. Click those words.

PS - We missed it too on first look.

Yeah my son has also, plus I have an older son who is in college so I’m familiar with the portals, but every school is different with their timing. ECU, NC State and UNC Chapel Hill are immediately on the portal while UNC Charlotte took about 10 days for it to show up and a week for the acceptance to come by mail. In talking to several people whose kids go to UNCW all said it takes 1-4 days for the decision to show up on the portal once it was changed to decisioned. It just seemed weird they wouldn’t update the information about when you will get your decision once they have made a decision. There is definitely no link to a decision on his portal now.

My daughter is also waiting on a decision from UNC Wilmington along with UNC Charlotte and App. It’s so hard waiting:)

Does her portal say she has been decisioned?

Not yet:(

My daughter’s hasn’t changed yet either. Wonder if it is done alphabetically

Omg that would suck for anyone with a Z! We are K so middle of the pack. It might be by date they receive the application? My son applied 9/10 so pretty early. Although last year I know several got theirs on the same day-different application dates, different first letter of their names so who knows. ?‍♀️

They have different admission counselors for the different regions. That may make a difference?

My son was accepted today. If anyone is wondering about timeline his portal said decisioned on December 4th and the letter showed up in his portal about 9:15 am on December 6th. According to the UNCW website the letter is posted online 1 day after the hard copy is put in the mail, so the letter should come in the mail soon after the onlne posting.

Congrats to your son!


What happened to Jan 20th?

I know it’s weird. There are several UNC schools that give a specific date for decisions then it ends up decisions start going out months earlier. Just keep checking the portal to see if it says Received-Decisioned.

Hello, does any know if the decisions are major specific? In other words, are the first notices going to out to Business school applicants or some other applicants to a particular school? Would love to know who has been notified. My D says there is nothing on her portal page. While nothing is ever a shoo-in, I think she will be accepted so not seeing anything makes me wonder. thanks in advance for any info from those who have been accepted.

When do they notify about Honors college?

Our oldest D applied EA, was accepted and then was asked to fill out a separate honors app around this time (mid-December). She was accepted into Honors around Feb. 1. Two years ago.

@fsudad2022 Do you mind sharing stats? My daughter’s stats fall in with honors stats so I am kind of surprised there isn’t anything more about honors. She has already been accepted into 3 honors colleges that are comparable.

This was two years ago and like I said there was a separate app with various essay questions. I thought she created some really unique essays for the app. Her stats: 30 ACT, 1290 SAT, 4.82 GPA from the state’s top public high school. Three leadership positions in school organizations. Fantastic reference letters.

She did not select UNCW but we liked the honors program, the new honors dorm and the campus. The honors professors she met were great - very straightforward on expectations and clear on their program’s objectives. Our D is at Miami University in Oxford, OH as an honors pre-med major and will graduate in 3 years (2021 instead of 2022). Her goal is to attend UNC med school.

Our second D is waiting to hear from UNCW and that’s why I’m on here.

My son was accepted as a chemistry major. There has been a lot of guessing as to what method some schools use as to when decisions are released, but it’s anyone’s guess. Last year it seemed most of the portals changed on 12/11/18. I wish I had more insight for you as to why he got his decision and others haven’t.