UNCW RD Fall 2022

Anyone hear? I saw last year or maybe year before that people started hearing March 3 or 4. Thank you.

Nothing here. I believe the website says “on or around March 15” so we aren’t getting our hopes up for another week or so!

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My daughter just got in! check the portal!!!

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My OOS daughter was just accepted after her deferral!


thank you! my daughter’s been super busy the last couple of days - i wouldn’t be surprised if she missed an email! i’ll nudge her when she gets home from class today!

My daughter got accepted! It’s been high on her list from the beginning, so it’s very good news. Still waiting to hear from one more school that’s high on her list but we have enough info now that we can start to plan visits and really get rolling on the decision-making process - exciting!

There was no mention of merit award, did anyone else got merit scholarship info in the acceptance notification? With the 3 other schools she’s been accepted to, merit was spelled out in the acceptance letter, but I’m wondering if that might vary (especially since 2/3 of those schools are private) and maybe we’ll learn more when the financial aid info comes through?

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No mention of merit on ours. My daughter has gotten merit at a couple and it was always mentioned in the acceptance. Not sure if just a coincidence or if this means she didn’t get merit at UNCW. we are planning to visit over April break and I hope she likes it. I keep reading really good things about UNCW and wish it was me going!

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My daughter was accepted EA and got merit notification separately a few weeks later in the regular mail.


Thanks, that’s helpful!