UND Aviation

My son has ALWAYS wanted to be a pilot from a very young age. He just got his Private Pilot License this summer through a scholarship with Civil Air Patrol. His dream school is Embry Riddle. I am worried we just won’t be able to afford it. He is looking at UND but I have heard students don’t fly in the winter. It’s North Dakota! Isn’t it always winter?? I worry that although UND is cheaper, it would take longer to graduate and maybe in the end not be less. Anyone have any thoughts? Any other suggestion of schools we should look at? He is going to apply for a Air Force ROTC scholarship.


First of all, how about contacting UND directly and asking about winter issues?

Second, I don’t know anything about aviation programs, so you would have to investigate it but I do recall from when we were looking at University of Nebraska at Kearney that they had aviation. I know there’s still a lot of winter there but it is at least further south than ND :wink: Anyway thought I would bring it to your attention because it appears finances are an issue and you aren’t afraid of remote/Midwest. UNK has the Blue & Gold scholarship which is automatic full tuition for OOS starting at 29 ACT/1350 SAT if he happens to be in that range.



I lived in Grand Forks for two years, and taught ESL to many students who were headed into the Aviation program. Some of them are finishing up their degrees now. :slight_smile: So obviously, I am a huge fan of UND Aviation.

Where do you live now? When does autumn start? How cold does it get and for how long? Yes, compared to most of the continental US, Grand Forks has a long, cold, dark winter. But life does not stop for one second because of that. The students bundle up and walk or bike (fat tire biking is a big thing) or catch a bus to class. A fair number of the buildings are connected by sky walks or tunnels so students can stay “indoors” part of the time. If students need a new (or just up-graded) winter wardrobe, the sales teams at Scheels in Grand Forks and Cabela’s in East Grand Forks, MN are expert at helping out.

Have your son contact the department and ask his questions. They will be able to help him decide if UND is a good option for him.