Undergrad Jazz Program for Trombone - NEC or Manhattan School of Music?

Which program is better for Jazz performance? NEC or MSM? Pros and cons of either school?

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Manhattan School of Music.

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MSM has approx. 100 jazz art students, mixture of undergrad and grad (45/55). One of top jazz programs. More faculty. Many ensembles to play in. More practice rooms. The area is student-friendly in NYC. 2-year dorm requirement. Lots of opportunities in NYC and NYC is opening up fully very soon. I would think that if jazz students got accepted to MSM, those 18-year-olds are ready for NYC, not only musically but mentally as well. MSM scholarships don’t sound great usually except a few of full-tuition scholarships to very top students. There are many jazz students who got accepted to MSM but chose another program due to financial reasons.