Understanding Texas HS Transcript Performance Acknowledgement

I am in Texas and was reviewing my official High School transcript at the end of 11th grade.
It says Graduation Program Type: Foundation High School Program.

In the column “Endorsement” it says Distinct level of achievement business industry arts humanities Stem. Below them its says Pursuing Pursuing.

However I have already taken 7 AP courses, met all the requirements of DLA have 26.5 credits total so far. (Algebra I II Precal Geom all done) I will have taken Bio Honors, AP Chem and AP physics and will take food sciences 12th grade. Shouldn’t it say DLA already?

In Performance Acknowledgements: AP IB Exams- 8,36; College Readiness Assessments- 6;

No legend to describe what all this means. I went thru all the Course catalogue to find any explanation but unsuccessful.
I am about to upload my transcript to Common application but making sure there is no mistake. Anyone here knows?