Union College Early Action Decision for Fall 2023

Notification out 12/17 AM

Son admit
Didn’t submit SAT
3.6 UW GPA
4 years varsity sports (2)
4 advanced classes


My son was admitted as well!

Applied for engineering with 3.6 gpa (upward trend) and 1500 sat for engineering.

A bit concerned about social fit. We haven’t visited yet, but are hoping to this spring.

Does anyone have thoughts about how much social life revolves around the Greek system there? Thanks!

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DS also in. We visited. Same question about greek life. Lots of feedback whiile we were there and on forums is that they’ll find their people. Dont have to be greek life centric.

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My son graduated in 2022. He did not join a frat and a good chunk of his friends did. There was a small period of FOMO Jr year when friends were busy with frat life. But he had other friends who also skipped frat life and it all worked out. His friend group stayed strong even with their choice to be in the frat. He got an excellent education (Physics/Math double major), amazing relationships with faculty and opportunities for research. Was involved in campus life. Some slight hiccups during COVID, but overall Union handled COVID well. I can’t recommend Union enough.


Nephew admitted to Union EA with scholarship and financial aid, but they still can’t afford it. Does anyone know if it’s worth an appeal to fin aid office?

I can’t say from experience with this school, but if there is a big difference from the NPC or something that doesn’t show up in the calculations (custody, family business, etc) it couldn’t hurt. But I would also not go to the trouble if this isn’t the top choice. Nobody likes to be a bargaining chip for a preferred school.

Congratulations all. Really great school!

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It is the top choice. Thanks for the suggestions!


Congrats. My Dd was deferred and we were kind of surprised and bummed but I know not everyone can’t get in first round
3.9 unweighted. All honors or ap with the exception of math but she’s already in calc just not ap
2 year varsity athlete but won’t play in college
NHs, world language honors , strong ec
No scores submitted though and we did say we needed aid

Visited the school, did interview and visit when they came to school so definitely demonstrated interest.
I guess she will just have to wait.