unique major = hook?

<p>i am applying to three ivies (harvard, brown, dartmouth) and was wondering if pursuing a unique major in which there are not many students would be somewhat of a "hook". i want to be a gastroenterologist. i have been told that the medical industry is "starving" for gastroenterologists because there aren't that many. would this help me with admissions?? thanks!</p>

<p>What is your unique major? Gastroenterology is not a major. A proposed medical specialty is not a hook for UG.</p>

<p>I don’t think it’s a hook (as that term is used areound these parts).</p>

<p>However, why do you want to be a gastroenterologist? It is unusual for someone coming out of HS to want this, specifically, as a profession. If you can explain it, you might have a compelling essay, which could make a huge difference.</p>

<p>Basically, you want to be a physician. How is that a hook? These are colleges, not residency programs looking to fill gaps in their programs. It’s not a hook.</p>