United World College (UWC)

<p>I submitted my UWC application only a few minutes ago, but am now having second thoughts about spending my last two years of high school there. I'm currently a sophmore, have already taken six years of a foreign language, and am ahead by 1 - 2 years in math. I feel that a UWC would not be able to sustain my needs for high level core classes and that it could potentially be to my advantage to stay at my current school. I can picture being held back in SOME classes, e.g. English, due to the fact that many people there will likely be non-native speakers. </p>

<p>That said, the whole "international experience" thing would be extremely advantageous when applying to Ivy Leagues, and the matriculation list of my current school doesn't even compare to that of a UWC. So, would the chance go to school in a foreign country with people from all over the world outweigh the possibility of being held back academically?</p>

<p>Which UWC location & what language have you studied for six years. The UWC in New Mexico has several scholarship spots reserved at elite US schools.</p>

<p>I've studied Mandarin for six years and I'm applying to all the UWCs, with the one in NM at the bottom of my list since I live in the US (I didn't actually rank it as such on the app, but I probably wouldn't go there if accepted).</p>

<p>What are your other UWC location options?</p>

<p>UWC</a> - Links</p>

<p>To utilize the Mandarin dialect of Chinese, you need to get to Beijing or Shanghei. Hong Kong & Canton use the Cantonese dialect, I believe. Although I think that the written language is the same regardless of dialect. The value of perfecting--becoming fluent in Mandarin--your second language as a native English speaker may prove invaluable regarding future career options that can make you wealthy. A long time ago, I studied in China & Hong Kong with Yale University on a program called Yale in China. Call Yale & seek advice.</p>

<p>^ Thanks. I'll definitely consider that.</p>

<p>Bump :) Any other opinions?</p>

<p>I don't know. I think the IB program is amazing and really quite challenging, especially the UWCs (whose students contribute 15% of the perfect scores on the IB in the world). I wouldn't write it off so quickly. I know the Lo Pi Chun UWC is supposed to be the best in academics, so maybe you should consider that one? They would obviously have an excellent Mandarin department and its matriculation list is even more impressive than USA's. What do you think?</p>

<p>That sounds great :) Now, I just need to get in :P</p>

<p>According to an '06 alumni, those invited to interviews get to refine their rankings (the thing at the very end of the app).</p>

<p>A girl from my kids' high school went to UWC in South Africa after her sophomore year. Then matriculated to Georgetown. Her last job was running the successful campaign for our newly elected US senator. One could do worse ;)</p>

Her last job was running the successful campaign for our newly elected US senator.


Oh really? That's awesome! I love UWC.</p>

<p>So, travelcrazed, are you reconsidering? I really do think you'd be challenged academically and the program is so unique.</p>

<p>I'd never actually written it off... just the fact that there are 12 (+?) UWCs and no one I know has heard of them was a little disconcerting. I hope, come mid-to-late-April-ish, I have the luxury of making that decision for real :P</p>

<p>Fourteen and counting. They're starting some new ones. My number one is Costa Rica. It's kind of off to a rough start but I still love their program!</p>

<p>And I hear you. How sweet would it be to be accepted??</p>

<p>I'm applying to UWCs as well...
Did you check out the site uwcnetwork.org? They have some really helpful alumni there. You should definitely check it out, and ask them your questions. </p>


My son is applying to UWC for next year. I went to this website [url=<a href="http://www.uwcnetwork.org%5Duwcnetwork.org%5B/url"&gt;http://www.uwcnetwork.org]uwcnetwork.org[/url&lt;/a&gt;] to try to get some more info, but can't really navigate it very well or find helpful info for applicants. Where were you able to ask questions or find answers? On a forum, blog, chat. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks and good luck to you all.</p>

<p>uwcnetwork.org Some of the most helpful forums I have ever seen.</p>

<p>What committee is your son going through? You will probably get more information if you search for a specific committee. The specific school sites are also extremely helpful. I'm applying for this year as well.</p>

<p>Hello i am also a current applicant =). Well the best advice i can give you guys is to call the admissions at UWC there number is on there site. hahah knowadays i call pretty often just to ask questions, as for the fourum it is very helpful also but to get an imediate repsonse i deffinatly suggest calling. The lady there Mrs. Gonzales ( i think) is VERY nice she will answer any and every question.</p>

<p>-Good Luck guys hopefully we will meet soon</p>

<p>The UWC program would still be challenging for you, because it is more than just academics, there are many extracurriculars, on top of dealing with living in a foreign country with people from all over the world. At my interview last year, when talking with alumni they all loved the program, but wouldn't really want to do it a second time because it was that challenging. Also if you did finish some parts of the curriculum early, you could take less classes 2nd year or take a second language.</p>

<p>After the interview you can re-rank the colleges. </p>

<p>P.S. I was ultimately waitlisted, but not accepted. So I don't have first hand knowledge of life at the UWC's, but I have spoken to alumni and know some students currently there (from my interview group)</p>

Thanks for the info. Anything else you can tell us about the application process? Where were you interviewed? What did it involve?