United World College

<p>I noticed on Li Po Chun's website, it said "hong kong applicants" and "oversea applicants"... are mainland chinese people allowed to apply? if so, what category do they fit in?</p>

<p>also, are chinese people allowed to apply to other uwcs? if so, which ones???</p>

<p>Li Po Chun is high school even though it says college on its name. And this is a college forum...</p>

<p>There are some high schools in mainland that have special links with UWCs and they can recommend students who are fully funded. It is sort of an exchange program. I remember there are students in LPCUWC that come from Hangzhou No.2 School and HS Affiliated with Peking University. Suzhou High school has connection with UWC in Canada. I have a Hongkong friend who came from LPCUWC here in my college, I would ask her if mainland students can apply.</p>