University at Buffalo Class 2023 Thread

@lovepreett My son submitted end of Sept. I thought last year acceptances started coming out by now. What major do you want? Good luck!!

@thessaly1 The deadline for EA is November 15. Are you saying they begin sending acceptance letters prior to EA deadline? I heard that SUNY Binghamton (with November 1 EA deadline) notifies students closer to the end of November.

If you look at the past year’s thread one person (maybe international?) got in end of October. Then a bunch of people heard November 20th.

@thessaly1 I applied for Excercise Science concentrated in physical therapy. It’s a six year accelerated program

My daughter heard today - admitted EA… Does not say whether she was admitted to her major or anything else other than she is admitted to UB.

Received my acceptance today, applied 10/24!

My son also got admitted today on EA

My daughter was admitted today!
Applied 10/10
GPA 4.0 uw
SAT 1430 Super Score

Just got in at 4:15 today!

What major?

College of Arts and Sciences/Mathematics

Accepted to mathematics major (3.6 gpa, 1350 SAT, IB Diploma)

My son got an email yesterday from SUNY Buffalo he got in for electric engeneering acceptance letter in the mail email said .

How long did it take those of you who applied to get an email with portal information?

Congratulations to all of you who got in!! I really hope I get in too. This is my dream school. Also did you guys get email first or letter?

@lovepreett They send an email which says that your application status has changed and you should log in to your portal to review the status update. When you log in to your portal, you can download the admission letter which states that more information will follow by mail. Good luck!!

@mom05 did your son’s acceptance letter specify that he was accepted for EE or is that what he placed as his major on his application? My daughter also applied for engineering but the letter did not specify that she was accepted into SEAS or a specific major, it was general. Thanks.

Everyone gets the same letter they should be more specific in the mailed acceptance.

Wow! Congrats people!! This waiting is awful! @mom05 what were his stats?

@Academicstress about 5 days. It’s weird though…UB emails don’t show in his regular Inbox, he has to select All Mail for their emails to show up.