University at Buffalo Class 2023 Thread

My son submitted his SUNY Buffalo application Friday and has not received any type of verification. Anyone else apply there and receive anything? How long does it take for acceptance notice (hopefully) to arrive?

They took about 2 weeks to contact my son to make his account. Binghamton was much faster. Not sure when they start sending out decisions.

@goteam2 Did he apply this year? What major?

He is applying for fall 2019 to Engineering. Second choice is Undeclared. What is your son applying for??

He is also applying Engineering, with second choice Physics. We visited the campus and really loved the school and everyone was so nice - it’s his first choice. Where else is your son applying?

My son applied to a bunch of schools, mainly large state schools. Pitt, Penn State, Vermont, Binghamton, Maryland, Purdue, Georgia Tech, Florida, Delaware, Indiana, Connecticut, Ohio and SU. Some are reaches and some hopefully he will get in to. He wants a direct admit to engineering and some don’t do that like Penn State. He is not a top top student. He is in the National Honor Society etc but there are kids with better SATs and GPAs for sure. Where are you applying?

Also state schools- UConn, Udel. UMass, Colorado, VirginiaTech, and BU (big reach). My son doesn’t have super stats either. We live overseas so hoping the foreign thing helps even though he applies domestic. My son would also like a direct admin. Are you hearing back from many? He still hasn’t heard from Buffalo. He doesn’t have all the apps turned in yet. We did get acknowledgment from UConn. Did you go on a lot of college tours? Which is your son’s favorites.

Deferred from Pitt. Got into Indiana but they don’t have what he wants. The rest are in but haven’t heard. He saw UConn, Penn State and Syracuse. We are waiting to see the rest based on if he gets in. No real favorite except Syracuse but that’s super expensive so depends on if we get anything from them. Will be an interesting year for sure. Good luck!!

That’s why we didn’t bother with Syracuse because of the price tag. What major within engineering does he want?

@goteam2 and @thessaly1 - what mode of application yours used for Buffalo? My son is using Coalition app - in the works now, planning to submit by Nov 1.

We used common app.
Thessaly1. He is interested in mechanical. But I honestly don’t think is a great fit for him. Will see. Good luck everyone.

My daughters ability to log in just went away they have everything. Now it is the waiting game. Looking at the thread from last year they had some pretty early acceptances.

Oh interesting. Will have my son check later. Wonder when we will start hearing.

@whatisfafsa We used the Common App. Hope we hear something soon! @goteam2 where all would be a better fit. My son wants mechanical too. It’s hard being overseas because we are not in the loop on the best programs. We just picked a bunch of state universities based on where he might like to live.

Anyone hear anything yet? Have decisions gone out?

Nothing yet.

An international student just posted on Reddit they were accepted to Suny Buffalo.

When my son checked Friday it was weird. He opened his portal and “2019 Domestic Freshman” flashed on for a second then vanished to his usual application status page. They must be updating but not releasing his yet. Seems like a good sign. He will check again after school today.

Anyone else hear anything?

I submitted my application through common app on Oct. 14th and they received all my information Nov. 2nd. I really hope I get in. This is my dream school. Can’t wait to hear back back from them. The waiting game is the worse. I never felt so helpless.