University College London admissions chances

Hello, I was wondering what my chances of getting into UCL would be considering my SAT score is a 1390 (new SAT test out of 1600). However my GPA from high school is below their expectations of a 3.3 as I got a 2.84 GPA overall in high school. However there were some circumstances in high school I couldn’t control which did lead to a lower GPA. UCL also requires US students to attend one year of an accredited US college institution with a CGPA of at least 3.3. If I am able to make up for the low high school GPA in high school with an improved CGPA will it be enough and can it compensate for my low high school GPA?

If you don’t go the AP route, your college GPA and how well you do in relevant classes would be what they care about. I’m sure you are aware that you sign up to study only one or a few subjects at UCL. What do you plan to study?