University of Alabama Class of 2026 Admissions

Have you heard any news from admissions?
I’m so worried that the red mark was bad news.

I did call and leave message because they never answer…in meantime it has changed back to green

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Well I just checked his portal again and he was admitted!! All the check marks were green now! Go Bama!! Good luck!!

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My daughter as well!!! Congratulations!!!

Roll Tide!!!


My brother too.


Congratulations :balloon:

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same to you!! any merit info?

My son was admitted to BAMA about two weeks ago. They also gave him a very nice scholarship of 96,000.00 over four years, which we were shocked about.
He is aerospace engineering. From Small Private school- does not rank
30 ACT
4.79GPA UW
Heavy resume- Captain of Varsity Football and Varsity Golf
Varsity Track state discus.
Started his open charity that collects used sporting equipment.
Published Author and Photographer
Over 365 Hours of community service.
Student Council and NHS
TAPPS awards for all state academic.
Good Luck to everyone!!! These kids are going to do great! Hope these stats helped for those who are still waiting.
Also- He Applied the day it opened on the College site not Common App.

Congrats!! Did your son receive his merit with his acceptance?

No his merit came a couple of days later in the mail! And thank you. Hang in there.

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I received my mailed admission packet yesterday, and the email a few hours later. Accepted! I’m OOS and applied test optional. Now I have to see what I get offered as far as aid.

Would you be willing to check your myBama portals and tell me if you see something like I am?

When I log into myBama, then “Admissions/Scholarships”, then I click “Freshman Supplemental Scholarship Application”, it takes me to a page with a list of scholarships. It says the top part, the “Resume” section is generated directly from my college application responses “essays”. These are all the activities, leadership roles, …etc they ask for in the initial college app. Mine is completely blank! Is anybody else’s blank? A girl I spoke to said it’s a computer glitch and it has happened before. She transferred me to another line but I had to leave a message. I’m freaking out as I definitely need the scholarships to be able to afford my OOS tuition. I was under the impression you are automatically entered and the awards come out about 2 weeks after admission. With this section being blank I’m not sure if they have my info for this decision. Help! Would you please be willing to check your own portals and tell me what you see? I applied through the direct institution application.

Congratulations to everyone admitted!

My brother’s is not blank. But he did not receive his packet in the mail. He emailed about merit and they said it looks like he qualifies for $24k/ year…but they will mail him exact numbers and aid at a later date. they also said he can apply for supplementary scholarships…

@Luckyjade2024 Thanks for answering! Ughhh. I’m so worried. When was he admitted? I was only admitted a couple of days ago, but I worry they will review me for scholarships with this info missing. I’m hoping it’s just that it takes time for this info to be forwarded and appear on the supplemental scholarship application. I will call again tomorrow but I’m so worried.

I wonder if it’s an issue with people who use the University application versus Common App.

He was admitted about a week ago. He reached out to his assigned advisor about merit. There are two categories. One is automatic merit award based on SAT and GPA (that’s the $24k he received) so you will automatically qualify for that depending on your grades - I wouldn’t worry - but definitely email them.

The second is a scholarship you apply for and write an essay.

Then financial aid goes out 12/1

Good luck!! and Congrats

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I would definitely get with your college admissions counselor, ours was super nice! Make sure everything is in place. I think it may be a tad bit more competitive for scholarships with out a test score this year, but I am hoping you hear something soon and the glitch is ok. COngrats on getting in that is so exciting!

I finally spoke to someone. It took me days of leaving messages, but he was very nice. It’s happening to a few students, and the IT department is trying to figure out why. They did check with my ID and said all of my information is indeed filed with them in their scholarships system. He said that section is really only there to remind you of what you wrote on your admissions app, but they did look up my file and they have my info. Now I just pray that they can be generous as the only thing keeping me from going is finances.


@MEC143 Glad you were able to reach someone! I saw you said you were admitted a few days ago. If you don’t mind me asking, when do you submit your application?

And good luck to you on scholarships!

Is there any international students who applied for spring 22 and has been admitted. when will scholarship notification be out?

Any idea how long it takes to hear back? I applied on 10/18 and live in the South

I have not heard back either. I applied Oct 23rd. But, they reached out to me about National Hispanic Recognition proof for waived app fee on Nov 2nd.