University of Alabama Class of 2026 Admissions

It took a while for dd to hear from UA. She applied on July 31 and was admitted on Oct 11.

Did you get an email?

My son, who applied on 10/19, received his acceptance email just now.
Good luck.

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My daughter applied on 10/20 and got her acceptance in the mail on 11/2. Email followed a few days later. Good luck!

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I just checked my inbox, and the acceptance email was there! Though, I’m still waiting on the acceptance via mail …

Just got my acceptance! So excited!


Did you guys who just heard about acceptance apply test optional?

Yes, my daughter did.

Gotcha, my daughter applied on 10/18 but sent test scores in. we haven’t heard anything yet.

I applied with scores! Since it’s rolling, the time to hear back can really depend. I wouldn’t stress :slight_smile:

Where in the portal do you see the decision response? Mine just has all green check marks and I don’t see where an admission decision would be located.

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It’ll just pop up at the bottom of the page with the letter saying Congratulations, You’ve Been Admitted! There isn’t anything to click or anything to take you to another page.


I was told there is no automatic merit if you didn’t submit SAT scores…otherwise you need to wait until Jan/feb to hear if you receive any other scholarship $$


So sorry. I thought I responded. It took about two weeks to hear back. It was fast.

@beachmama1 Thank you for this info!

Our son just got admitted to UA! Applied October 22nd.
4.0 Weighted / Test Optional


D22 was admitted last week…Communications…4.2 weighted GPA…28 ACT…Full IB Diploma…OOS…Texas.

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Where do you see how much scholarship money was given? Do you need to create a MyBama account? My acceptance is in my freshman portal but it then says to create a Mybama account. This is a safety school for me but curious about merit.

Good questions…but I am not sure exactly how to answer them. Right now Alabama is a safety for my D22 as well. Although she is thankful to be admitted and is eligible for merit according to Alabama’s website, she has not confirmed exactly how much.

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Did she create a MyBama account?

Not yet…that will be on the “to do” list for this weekend.