University of Arizona Class of 2024

I have not seen a thread for acceptances yet.

Major -

Accepted Right Away
GPA 4.7/4.0
Major: Engineering Undecided
Got the automatic $36K scholarship
Did not apply for honors (Should have, but I was done battling my son about essays…and he didn’t want to write another one)

I would say it’s down the list and value/safety play for us.
Still considering Purdue, Nebraska, Iowa State, ASU, Michigan State, Minnesota. Need all the data/scholarships to come in before making final decisions.

By right away, do you mean a week, 2 weeks? A few days?

Son accepted with following stats:
GPA: 3.8/4.0
ACT: 35
Major: Engineering Undecided (although I’m pretty sure he put Civil Eng on his application)
$140,000 scholarship (35,000/year)
Honors College

Congrats to the other accepted students!

@jdhMom - Has your son already been accepted by the Honors College? If so, how did you hear back - was it by email or letter?

Honors college decisions will supposedly be released for all students December 2nd. I didn’t think that there where any exceptions to that, but I could be wrong.

@Searching2020 - Yes, he was an automatic admit to the honors college. Students who qualify for National Merit or National Hispanic Scholar are admitted without an application. Notification came through the portal.

It was under a week.

My daughter applied in September but didn’t send in ACT until after - so her award letter was not correct. She spoke to admissions later and they told her she did get the 35,000 per year (unweighted 4.0, 34 ACT) but I am wondering if any of you have seen your award in the portal? We have no proof of the award otherwise. It would make me feel better to see it!

Yes, once they have it updated, log in to the application login portal at

Under “Your Applications” click on the app “Common Coalition” (or whatever method she used if it was different) then choose “open application.” Under “Status Update,” click “View an Update About Your Decision>>” and then you should see the following:


Congratulations again on your recent admission to the University of Arizona for Fall 2020. There is nothing like being an Arizona Wildcat!

We have great news for you! In light of new information, we are delighted to offer you the Arizona Distinction Award of $35000. This tuition award is renewable, based on related terms and conditions, for three additional academic years for a total four-year value of $140000. Eligibility for this award is contingent on your residency status. Enrolling for Fall 2020 serves as your acceptance of this award. A list of basic terms and conditions associated with this award is available online at"

My son got accepted with a 3.4/3.8 GPA and 1350 to Environmental Science. He got the OOS automatic $15k scholarship.

Accepted! OOS scholarship. We’re super excited. My daughter’s top two departments at U of A are stellar.

Now that we have officially seen the $35,000 in writing this is my daughter’s top choice. We are visiting in January rather than on the accepted student’s day because she wants to see it sooner than April. She is going into Biochemistry. She is hoping for undergrad research opportunities. All the other places we have visited seem to have some so I am crossing fingers U of A does too. She appleid to the honors college but failed to notice she needed a specific letter of reference so hasn’t gotten that in yet so who knows when she will hear of if she will get in.

Honors College decisions will be released tomorrow, December 2nd! The time has not been stated yet but that is the date that was sent to applicants when they submitted their Honors Application.

I’m pretty sure our tour guide in August was a biochem undergrad who had a research position.

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I did some digging around hoping to see the time for previous years, but no luck.

@suzeo99 - my daughter also got the $35,000 scholarship and we are heading out to visit in January as well. I’m a little worried that we should have visited in September so my D could get a taste of how truly HOT it will be in Arizona for a good chunk of the year. January weather will seem perfect to us as northerners coming from snow.

Hoping everyone gets good news when the Honors College releases their decisions today!

When we visited in August (on the first day of school) the heat was brutal. (And we’re from Texas!) We self-toured after our tour. We had one more building we wanted to see, and we were maybe 1/5 mile from it, and we ended up skipping it to go back to our hotel because after being in the heat all day, it got to be too much.

And yet…the students all seemed so happy to be back at school. Everyone carries a huge water bottle, and the campus layout is such that if the heat becomes too much, there’s always a building to duck into for some quick A/C.

If anyone has their honors portal update today, please post back! I’m ready to not be hitting “refresh” all day. :slight_smile:

We got an updated honors portal!