University of Arizona Class of 2026

I did not see a thread created for class of 2026. Please post information to help others.

SAT/ACT Score:
Honors(if applied):

S22 Admitted:

GPA UW: 3.7
GP W: Not known
SAT/ACT: Did not submit
Major: Pre-CS
Honor: Did not apply yet.

GPA UW: 3.8
GPA W: 4.05
SAT/ACT Score: 30
Major: Anthropology
Scholarship: 20K
Honors(if applied): Pending

My son received email with acceptance but not mentioning about scholarship. When and how do you find out about scholarship? Thanks.


We received our scholarship in the acceptant letter online and by mail.

Kiddo 1
GPA UW: 4.0
GPA W: 4.52
SAT/ACT Score: none
Major: Business
Scholarship: 35k
Honors(if applied): Did not apply
(Did get first year direct admit pre-business major into the Eller College of Management)
– We are VERY interested in the SALT program at UofA

Kiddo 2
GPA UW: 4.0
GPA W: 4.56
SAT/ACT Score: none
Major: Nursing (they do not have direct admit)
Scholarship: 35K
Honors(if applied): Did not apply

Try logging into the applicant portal and see if there is an electronic admissions letter that also includes a scholarship amount. That is how we originally learned of our amount.


Thanks for your prompt response. In the first email we received, it required my son to create NetID+ and that is it. My son stat is almost the same as yours and he applied to CS. Do your kids receive scholarship announcement in the first email?

Login to the wildcats admission portal. You will see an admission letter (downloadable in pdf) that will have both major and scholarship amount.

If he has a 4.0 the auto merit is 35k (It has to be UW though)

##### Core GPA Range ##### Resident Wildcat Awards ##### Non-Resident Arizona Awards
##### 4.0 $12,500 $35,000
##### 3.90 - 3.999 $10,000 $30,000
##### 3.75-3.899 $8,000 $20,000
##### 3.50 - 3.749 $5,000 $12,500
##### 3.25 - 3.499 $3,000 $7,500
##### 3.0 - 3.249 $2,000 $2,500
##### 2.75 - 2.999 $750 $1,000

Got it. I will check with my son when he gets home today. Yes, his UW GPA is still 4.0 as of now. If the kids didn’t get all A’s at the end of school year, do you know if the scholarship amount will be changed?

The GPA is based on first six semesters per State of Arizona requirements.

So regardless of senior year grades, if he has 4.0 UW after junior year, that locks in the award.

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No worries. Since it is GPA based, he will see $35k!

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Thanks. I will check with him when he gets home.

@raj_125 @joelatte @RNmomof4

We checked and found that my son got $35k/year scholarship. Thanks all.


It looks like UofA doesn’t have Computer Science program specifically but it has ECE and SE instead.

It does have one in the college of science.

You are right. My son wants to apply for CS but got in College of Engineering instead. Do you think he can change it?

Should be able to. From what i know, the CS program at college of science is an easier admit.

FYI, the Honors College is about 30% School of Science and 20% School of Engineering students, so it would be a great fit for your 4.0 GPA son. In case you have not already looked into it.

Do you have any insight about UofA Aerospace program? My son is also interested that he apply to Cal SLO for Aerospace.