University of Cincinnati - Early Action 2022

The wording is definitely weird (“you are eligible”), but the subject line of the email is: You’ve earned a scholarship! and the first word of the email is “Congratulations!” It doesn’t show anywhere in her portal, though, so I guess we will have to wait until March to learn the details.

I do think they were awarded it though. I took a couple of looks at it. I have Feb. 19th marked on my calendar for financial aid to be released. You had mentioned that date in a previous post. Check on Sat. to see if the financial aid packages are there. Perhaps merit can come until March 1?

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Same here. Haven’t received any detail on additional scholarship other than national outreach

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What would the criteria for century scholarship be?

No idea. I bet they elaborate on their website. Scores? Gpa? I dont know

They don’t elaborate. As you mentioned your D has gotten it, wanted to know what would be a gpa/act be for an award. Will a 27 ACT and 3.9 qualify?

My D22 has a 32 and 3.9 uw, 4.9 w if that helps

Thank you. Looks like it is extremely competitive.

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Did anyone else receive notification that they were a candidate for the Cincinnatus Presidential Scholarship?

Not that i know of. Was it an email?

I was contacted by phone by the Associate Dean of my particular college within UC to set up an interview. Then, he said in about two weeks I will find out if I am one of the 10 individuals who will receive the full-ride Cincinnatus Presidential Scholarship.

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Congratulations! That’s tremendous! Prepare well, and best of luck!

My kid’s 2022-2023 financial aid offer is available on portal, for those who were looking.


Where you can see it? When I click ‘view financial aid’ on my portal I get a message that I am not authorized to see it.

How much? I’m looking at CEAS starting fall 2023 and am nervous - I want full tuition paid more than anything.

I was awarded one of the full-ride Presidential Scholarships, if anyone is interested I can post my stats, ec’s, etc.


Congrats! What was the process? Just curious. My D22 was awarded the Stamps Scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh and has committed there. Very big deal for you! Wonderful


Congrats to you! University of Cincinnati architecture is a top choice for my son but even with a 1530 SAT and 4.4 with 9 APs he got nothing from them so it’s unfortunately no longer likely

I have a 1420 (1430 superscore) on the SAT with a 4.513 W GPA, so I would not say that what got me the scholarship was my statistics, but rather my personal experiences and extracurriculars that were portrayed in my application. It truly is a holistic review, so good stats can only carry you so far. Good luck to your son in finding a school that will offer him the merit and financial aid that he deserves!


Have you confirmed that all financial aid packages have been posted to the portal and scholarship recipients notified? I would do that before writing UC off.

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