University of Dayton, class of 2024 decision thread

Didn’t see one yet, and think early decision and early action should be coming down soon

DD20 received both an email and USPS mail letter this week. She was accepted!

Congratulations! Which school did she apply to?
Was she ED, and did they give a merit award?

Also, DS was accepted yesterday for engineering! No USPS yet; he applied EA.

DD accepted for chemical engineering and honors college

@Cjpski thanks! EA biochem major and honors program.

My son applied EA. He logged in today and it says he is accepted UD but did not get into the school of Nursing. He now has to choose to be waitlisted, go into the Health Science major only or into the HS with a waitlist. The problem with this? He didn’t apply to nursing or Health Science! He applied to Engineering. I had him log into the Common App and verify. It says Engineering.

@PhilPen20 I would have him reach out to his regional admissions counselor at UD. Obviously there was a mistake and, hopefully, they can get it cleared up quickly. What type of engineering did he apply to? Good luck!!

My D got a school of engineering academic appointment invitation. The invitation includes a lunch with the director of the women engineering program. Anyone else received this?

@baseballMomof3 Thanks! He contacted his rep for our region and she logged in and didn’t see it on her end. She said his application was still pending. She had him log back in and take a screen shot. It was fixed today and gone. So, he is back to waiting to see if he is accepted. He applied to the Discover Engineering, as he is not positive where he wants to focus yet.

@hnks09 I’ve not seen that invitation. When is the event? That sounds pretty cool.

@PhilPen20 I’m glad it got cleared up. Good luck to your son. I love that they offer Discover Engineering!!

The invitation is on Nov. 22nd. I signed up for her to visit the campus on that day so I’m thinking this is a general invitation to females who requested to visit Engineering school.

@hnks09 I see. Please let us know how your daughter enjoys her visit and what she thinks about the engineering school.

My daughter applied for engineering on Oct 24 and was accepted Nov 4. It is her top choice at the moment but waiting to see on scholarships/aid.

Still waiting for any merit aid update. Anyone else get an award yet?

My Daughter’s admission portal has changed from “complete” to “Incomplete”, but the graph at the bottom says it is 100% complete…Anyone else have this?

@HoundstoothHarry Did they fix your daughter’s application? My son’s still shows complete.

Sharing our experience during the visit and the women-in-Engineering lunch. We met with faculty from the School of engineering and were given a ton of information about the school, majors, co-ops and internship opportunities at U Dayton. We also attended the admission presentation afterward and did the tour. We were very impressed with the school, the personal attention given to every student and overall how super friendly everyone is. This visit moved the university to the top for my daughter and I would absolutely be happy if she decided to go there.
Also we received the acceptance email the night before the visit so it was nice to do the tour knowing she is accepted.

@hnks09 Thanks for sharing your experience! Sounds like a fantastic place, which is the vibe we got when we met the admissions counselor for an interview. Congrats to your daughter!!