University of Dayton, class of 2025 decision thread

I noticed last year UD did rolling acceptances beginning this week in November. Has anyone heard from them yet?

UD accepted me on Nov 6. I hope you get your decision soon!

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Accepted at UD with Trustees Merit Scholarship in the mail today along with $4000 towards books ($1k) per year BC I toured campus…loved the visit and campus was very nice.

Good luck to all and Go Flyers.

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Hey. I am thinking of applying to Dayton next year and am definitely interested in receiving a merit scholarship, specifically the Trustees one. Do you mind sharing your stats so I have an idea of what kind of student qualifies? Thank you.

S21 received his UD 4-yr financial aid offer in the mail today.

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Congrats! Do u mind sharing his stats as a reference for someone applying next year?


Test Optional
Class Rank: 2
Varsity Soccer & Basketball - All-State

international student accepted with 97,000 $ scholarship

My son was accepted to Xavier and Dayton and has not been able to visit either one yet. We need to book a flight, hotel, etc. Can anyone tell us some of the differences between both schools? He’s very social, likes watching sports and having fun, and would benefit from small classes. Any input is appreciated.

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Dayton is definitely a larger school so would be great for people of all interests. They have a very spirited student body(especially regarding basketball) so UD would definitely fit the bill for a student who loves watching sports. Xavier seems to be a bit more religious and kids coming from regional areas, while Dayton has people coming from more states and areas. I would pick UD over Xavier, but again money can obviously be a huge influencer when choosing.

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To add, although UD is larger than Xavier, about 70 percent of their classes have 20 or less students. The student body is known to be very welcoming and friendly, and their ability to have fun would definitely align with your sons social interests. Dayton is known to have great internships and connections with alumni, so I would definitely consider that!


I’d make sure you are looking into the specifics of the programs of study too. Both schools are very social, UD probably more so because of the makeup of their populations. Xavier has more of a commuter population and the off campus housing more dispersed in the city whereas Dayton has their off campus community pretty well gathered together. Depending on which sports he likes to watch, neither school really has a major sports following although Miami does stake an earned claim on ice hockey and UD gets excited about basketball every so often (neither student body packs the arenas though).

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Guessing by your username, I presume u have a connection with VT which is ironic because it is my top school I am considering besides UD. How would you compare the two schools based on ur experiences(obv VT being larger and more STEM focused being a contrast)

Oooh that’s a tough comparison because they are truly so so different. What major are you considering?

Dayton is very small but a beautiful cohesive red brick campus, it has a vibe to match its private school designation, and its Catholic with a beautiful main chapel on campus and chapels in the dorms. Its in an area of Dayton that is cute immediately off campus but can get dangerous quickly if you veer out further. They share a football stadium with a high school, its not even branded with UD Flyers, so definitely unimpressive if you’re a big football fan and of course Lane Stadium is unequivocally amongst the nation’s best football atmospheres. The basketball arena is probably nicer than Cassell Colliseum though, although it is off campus and you have to take a shuttle to get there. The dining at Dayton is also not going to come anywhere close to measuring up to the variety at Virginia Tech, but again with such a vast size difference that’s probably to be expected. Dayton’s off campus housing though is really quite something, mostly all of it is owned by the university and they are individual tiny houses packed tight together and its all directly off campus so easily walked to between classes, home for lunch, etc. With it being so compact and literally all right there within sight of campus, it basically means its one big party (literally the streets are just packed with people outside in pre-covid times). Its a great environment if that’s your scene, not so sure how much further into the city of Dayton you need to venture for off campus housing if its not your scene though. There’s a decent student center and library at Dayton but I don’t recall an impressive (if any) student rec center. Hokie stone makes Virginia Tech a gorgeous campus though, much much bigger though so hard to compare again, and there’s a small central field at Dayton but nothing like the Drillfield and no Duck Pond. The small town of Blacksburg is definitely a safer area. I don’t really know how much more to compare, they are really quite different schools, I’m curious what draws you to each of them myself!

Hi! Thank you for the very detailed response. I’m only a junior now so haven’t gotten a chance to visit any campuses(COVID). I am from NYC area but looking to get out of state and experience more. There are a few people from my area who go to UD and seem to love it. I am an intended political science major, and their programs seems to be good with connections and internships. What also drew me to UD seems to be the friendly people in the school from what I hear. Regarding VT, I started looking into it mostly due to a Youtuber who goes there and seems to love it. Seeing the beautiful campus on video as well as the school spirit seems to be great. However, I am OOS so I would have to pay $50k for cost. Also the political science major at VT doesn’t seem to get much attention, and I get the vibe that the college is STEM focused. What also attracted me to VT is the supposedly “friendly” people there… i am from nyc so am looking forward to meeting kind people who aren’t materialistic focused.

We live in Dayton and still visit campus regularly. Hubs and I are both grads. The campus has been improved a lot since we graduated in the mid-90’s, and it was perfectly fine then. There is a large fitness center built in 2006 - the RecPlex - which is similar in scale to the nicest ones I’ve seen touring large big 10 schools with my current senior. Campus does not feel “small” to me anymore. I would say it’s a perfect size - not tiny, not huge. There are several green areas including playing fields. The soccer field is awesome and right in the middle of campus. The basketball arena and football stadium are a short walk across the river. UD does well is multiple sports and the atmosphere at b-ball games is nationally renowned. UD has expanded by purchasing properties in several directions, some through partnerships with some local businesses which offer student opportunities. There are a lot of dining options along Brown Street and a free Wright Flyer bus for students wanting to go to the Oregon District or downtown. Many students do internships or co-ops. The suburb adjacent to UD to the south is about as safe and pretty as you will find anywhere - great for students who jog or just want to go for a nice walk off campus. I don’t know where my son will end up (UD a little too close to home for him - if we didn’t live here I think it would be very high on his list) but of the six official tours we have done, UD was the most impressive by a wide margin. Good luck!


I read in a different forum that Dayton is a very unsafe city (specifically high crime rates due to drugs were mentioned). We haven’t visited yet but I love everything I read about the school except this. Any thoughts? We’re planning a visit this fall.