University of Delaware and Merit

I got an online admission letter in my portal, but it didn’t say anything about Merit. Does anyone know if Delaware doesn’t show merit online in their initial letter?

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Same for my D. Admitted (love the confetti) but no more info on merit in the initial letter.


Thank you! Let me know if you hear anything.

My son was accepted as well with no financial offers. If I recall from last year when my daughter applied, her offer came later. There were levels if I remember correctly to the offerings of merit based on achievements. U


The financial aid/merit scholarship awards come about 3 weeks after you get your admissions decision. I remember that when my older son applied and also found it on their website.


My daughter received her acceptance letter dated Nov. 5 and it didn’t say anything about merit either.

Anything yet?

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My sibling received her merit letter on November 30th (2018), so im guessing it comes soon

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Nothing here yet (accepted 11/5)… Hoping soon and waiting for Honors too!

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Yes. Still nothing. 11/5 acceptance.

did anyone get a decision today?

wrong thread !

Merit scholarships are out today! Check the portal under the Financial Aid tab! :tada:

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I see it. Ours is terrible. $2,000 grand a year. Loyola Chicago gave her $21,000

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Ours is in the portal. $15k per year for four years. UD Presidential Scholarship. Assuming merit award table on the UD web site is still current, this is slightly below UD Trustee Scholarship of $15-17k/year. Presidential Scholarship range is $12-15k/year. Not sure exactly what you need for the higher award. Although we are quite happy with the award and think UD is a good option, would be hard to turn down in-state option (and hoping for merit $ here) assuming hopefully he gets in. Won’t know for a while.

Good luck to everyone else.

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D got $2,000 a year also. Eh

Feels like a slap in the face to me. She won’t be going there.

D got the same. I wasn’t expecting that much being TO. I don’t think she’ll change her mind from Pitt but we’ll see!

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same as whom?

Same as cu1986

My D had a little higher GPA as your child with a 1320 and got the same $2000 a year. That’s pretty close to the result of the scholarship calculator.