University of Delaware Weekends

<p>What is the life like for an out of state (not New Jersey or Delaware or Philly) student at The University of Delaware on weekends? My DD is interested in U of Delaware. My cousin from New Jersey said it was not good for someone from Out of State as all of the kids go home on the weekends. He has not lived in Jersey for 30 years so I wanted a current opinion. Can anyone help?</p>

<p>There are some students that go home on weekends, but most do not and there is plenty going on on campus. My DD is a sophomore (from NY) and hasn't come home once yet this semester.</p>

<p>You should come over to the Delaware board and ask the parents there. You'll get more responses.</p>

<p>From the UD Board:</p>

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<p>DD was an RA and probably wished people went home on weekends!</p>