University of Florida Admissions Decision - Class of 2025

I couldn’t find another thread, so I thought I’d start one.

If you have been accepted to the University of Florida Class of 2025, please state the following…

Date Applied

Date Accepted

GPA (weighted and unweighted)

SAT/ACT score

Any other significant/important details about your application that you’d like to add :slight_smile:

Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

See you on February 26th :slight_smile:

@flprepaidmom It is going to be a long 4 months!

Late decisions and merit is what ultimately changed my D18’s mind about her dream college. When you know for 3 months that a college wants you and offers you a hefty amount of merit and you do not hear from others it can influence your choice. By the time her merit money came in for her “dream school,” a different one won her heart.

Hoping they decide to release them earlier.

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@1intwo2go When my S18 applied, decisions were released Feb 9th. I’m not sure why they pushed it out another two weeks.

Is the suspense killing anyone else?

Good Luck Today Everyone!!