University of Florida Business School Prerecorded Classes?

Hi All, can someone speak to University of Florida Business program and prerecorded classes? I hear most are recorded. I can understand if this happened during covid, but the school should be back to live lectures now. How many classes are like this? Any current students or alumni can speak to experience? Appreciate it!

They have always had some online classes, even before Covid. If you don’t like that format, this is not the school for you.

Some like it because for large lecture/no discussion classes, you can watch them at your convenience, rewatch them as needed, go in and discuss with the professor anything you didn’t understand.

When I was in school long (long) before this type of technology, I had a bio=psych course which was very outside my wheelhouse. A grad student took notes and sold them through the bookstore for $1/week. I loved it. I could read them slowly, see the many many pictures of cells and other things I couldn’t possible draw correctly while trying to listen. I’d never had a class like that before, but I adjusted.

UF students have adjusted to this format for decades.

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My daughter is a Business minor and so far all of her business classes have been prerecorded online. Financial accounting, marketing & management. Close to 50% of her classes each semester have been online. If it wasn’t for FL prepaid and bright futures, UF would not be my choice. I hear FSU business has way more in person classes.

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Is this really just a business school issue?

Also not every kid minds online classes. My daughter (not at UF) loves having a mix of in person and online.