University of Georgia Honors vs Georgia Tech for an Engineering Major.

Hello Everyone. Let me explain my current situation: I currently am a student at the UGA with Honors and majoring in mechanical engineering with a hope of getting a job in bioinstrumentation (making medical equipment). Although I was rejected from Georgia Tech, I was offered a transfer pathway to go to Georgia Tech from UGA. I’m debating the value of the UGA Honors Program vs Georgia Tech and if it is worth transferring. My biggest fear is that Georgia Tech will hurt my GPA, but I have also heard that Georgia Tech’s location in Atlanta allows you to have much more networking and internship opportunities. Likewise, I’ve heard great things about the value of an Honors Program and the good social life of UGA.

Thank you for all of your thoughts.

What year are you?

I’m a first year at UGA.

I wouldn’t transfer unless you are extremely dissatisfied at UGA. Yes, GaTech has a highly regarded Career Fair, but you not being in Atlanta doesn’t mean you will not get a chance for a job in your chosen career. I do not believe that a medical device R&D company in the northeast (where lots of them are located) is going to disregard a candidate with high marks just because he/she does not possess a GaTech degree. GPA and internships will be more important to an employer.

To me it is a no brainer. Georgia Tech is one of the top engineering schools in the country. It is number 2 in the country for mechanical engineering behind MIT. The value of a GT engineering degree is much much higher than a UGA engineering degree. I would absolutely transfer if you want the best education and job opportunities.

I would also consider GT co-op program is very established, I am not sure about UGA’s.