University of illinois or University of Wisconsin.

<p>University of Illinois is my dream school.
I am an OOS student from Arkansas, and I am ambivalent about which school i am more likely to get into. By the way, I am average by both school's standards. It would be terrible to waste my one early action application on U of I and risk not getting accepted, when i could have possibly used that early application for Wisconsin. By how much are my chances increased by early action at U of I? Also, I'm confused about U of I stating they look at OOS applications the same as in state. I can't find any such statement from University of Wisconsin. I know people that got accepted into the U of A with a 17 on the act (ya i know), and I always thought in state students had an edge on OOS students. Also, I am not applying for Engineering at U of I. Does anyone know how much weight U of I's statement holds about OOS students? Any suggestions? Any other factors I should take into consideration?</p>

<p>You can apply EA (not ED) at as many colleges as you like. </p>

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<p>Illinois's early admissions program is called "Priority Action," not EA or ED. The ONLY advantage to applying under Priority Action at Illinois is that you find out your admissions decision earlier (December 17 - accept, reject, defer). You won't get any heavier consideration if you apply under Priority Action, although knowing by mid-December is pretty nice. So, in short, you can apply "early" at both schools></p>

<p>UIUC doesn't weight in-state applications any heavier than OOS applications. Simple. The imbalance in admissions is just because of the sheer amount of in-state students applying. You've got Chicago, Peoria, all those places. </p>

<p>Apply to both, work as hard as you can on both applications. You'll have options then come May 1st instead of being pigeonholed into a certain school because you didn't think you were as likely to get in.</p>

<p>UW's early decision is not restrictive either. Apply early and get early reply. Sounds same as Illinois.</p>

<p>wi is cheaper for oos, and depending on your major, may better. city, campus, school spirit etc. at madison are tough to beat.</p>

<p>^I'd have to agree. I live two hours away from Madison or so--gorgeous area, well-respected throughout Wisconsin, and holy school spirit batman. Also, whether it's appealing to you or not, it's not known as Mad-town without due cause...</p>

<p>UIUC considers OOS on the same basis as in-state. You don't need higher stats than in-state to be admitted. Though you may see numbers indicating a low percentage of OOS freshman admitted (only about 10-12% combined OOS and international), that reflects that the applicant pool is only that percentage OOS and international. Actual admisson rates for OOS are comparable to in-state.</p>

<p>Wisconsin has a higher total percentage of OOS but that reflects two things. First it gets a lot of Illinois applicants (for many in the Chicago area it is closer than UIUC). Also Wisconsin and Minnesota have a reciprocity agreement under which students from either state can attend college and pay in-state tuition in colleges in the other state. As a result. Wisconsin gets an inordinate number of Minnesota applicants besides other OOS applications.</p>

<p>Applying prioity notification to UIUC gives a student "some" advantage over those who apply later and you should not assume it is significant. You can apply to Wisconsin for its early notification also. You should not assume it is easier to get into one over the other. You need to have good stats for both.</p>

<p>UW has limits/goals of 25% OOS which does not include Minn kids which compete with instate equally and run around 10% of the total. So you have 65% Wisconsin, 25% OOS and 10% Minn on average. OOS also includes substantial internationals.</p>