University of Kentucky - Academic Scholarships Class of 2025

Anybody heard back regarding their Honors College or academic scholarship application to UK? Or do you know when they will contact applicants or release more information? Thanks!

Heard nothing thus far. Last year with my son’s application the communication was great and timing of decisions excellent. This year my D21 has become so frustrated with the whole process as they just aren’t on top of their game.

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My S21 received a Merit Weekend Invite. Per the Merit Weekend 2021 website:

“If you applied for Lewis Honors College, notifications will be sent by email beginning on February 15, and continuing through mid March. Attending Merit Weekend does not impact any decisions regarding the admission process for Lewis Honors College.”

"Academic Scholarship award notifications will begin going out on a rolling basis beginning on March 1.

Competitive Scholarship award notifications will begin going out on March 15.

William C. Parker Diversity Scholarships and Financial Aid package notifications will begin going out on April 1."

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Thanks. Glad they are giving us dates.

Thanks for the update. Did he get the invite via email? I haven’t seen an invite and I’m not sure what Merit Weekend is. Not sure if that says anything about my chances for Honors College/scholarships.

My daughter also received the merit weekend invite. We are conflicted with paying the non refundable fee prior to receiving any information on scholarships or a complete financial aid package.


Yes - it was an email

D21 MW email was buried in her school email account. She has the email set up, but the notification was not additionally sent there. A week ago I checked her BBN Orientation options in the student portal. The June and July virtual orientation dates were listed as well as a note for in person dates to be released Feb 15th. Today that BBN Orientation page had been changed to Merit Weekend March dates (virtual); in person dates offered in April to May to those that complete the virtual sessions.

Thanks. Before today I had not set up my linkblue account. I finally set it up and logged in this morning. I don’t think I have received an email invite, but I do have several virtual Merit Weekend options listed under BBN Orientation.

Edit: Can someone link to the Merit Weekend 2021 site? I can only find past years via Google search.

Honors College notifications begin going out today, from what someone shared above. If someone is willing to post when they receive a decision, that would be helpful. Thanks!

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FYI campus closed at 1:30 EST (02/15/2021). This may impact notifications. Best of luck to everyone!

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D21 just got an email at 5:01 pm that she was accepted to Lewis Honors College

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Congrats. Where did you see it? In an email, or do you need to login to myuk?

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Thank you! She got an email with the subject line “Congratulations from The Lewis Honors College”

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I did not get the email in my personal email account that I used to apply. However, I signed in and found the email in my UK linkblue email inbox.

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Congrats! That is great news.

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Son got the email acceptance into Lewis Honors College & the SEAM program! Super excited! Sounds like they will keep rolling out honors acceptances over the next month. We have not heard about competitive scholarships but know that he should received the Presidential (full tuition) given ACT + KY Gov Scholars.

For stats: In State
35 ACT
3.8 UW GPA
6 Dual Credits this year, lots of AP
4 yr Variety Tennis Athlete, 3 yr Varsity Archery, 2 Yr Varsity XC
Started his own skateboard company at 12 through now and givings all of the proceeds back to our local animal shelter.
Lots of community service (big part of his life)
All boys Catholic HS
His essays were really good imho
Was in Kentucky Govenor’s Scholar summer program

Congrats! Wow. Did you get today or yesterday? Still holding out hope as I haven’t heard anything.

He got the email yesterday at 5. Good luck!!! I would not be too concerned yet. They said they would be rolling out acceptances over the next month.

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Daughter received Merit Weekend invite in the mail today. She did not apply for Honors College but does qualify for the Patterson on paper. So strange since we haven’t heard anything about scholarships but I guess this is a good sign.

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