University of Manchester

<p>I just received an offer to study law there, so i'd like your opinions (if any) on how its like.</p>

<p>Opinions on?</p>

<p>The course? Uni life? City?</p>

<p>I think Manchester might have the largest number of students (or largest percentage of students) in the UK, maybe Europe. There are several universities there, and it has a reputation for being a big party city. I'm sorry I don't know anything about studying law there specifically.</p>

<p>I suggest you try
<a href="http://www"&gt;www&lt;/a>. the student room .co .uk
Remove the spaces for the link to work. This is a UK board similar to this one, where you will be able to find some enrolled Manchester students.</p>

<p>Don't be too scared but it's been big news over Christmas that a foreign student was shot dead in Salford (which is basically part of Manchester) on 26 December. Having said that, this is major news because it is very rare. However, if you google Manchester students you are bound to find to find this so i am telling you.</p>

<p>OscarUK: opinions on all three of them. do you happen to know? :)</p>

<p>Course: No idea sorry ;)
Uni Life: One of the largest and most densely student populated cities in the country, I have a few friends at Manc... I don't know what youre in to but it's classic UK uni on a big scale. Aka expect to spend most of your time out and having a good time, especially first year.
City: Although I've never been up to Manc, it is a large UK city... so like any it has it's nicer, and it's worse parts. I personally hate the accent, but you'll be with student so that won't really matter. But certainly don't worry about ever not having anything to do in such a student filled city.</p>

<p>It sounds pretty exciting to be in Manchester!</p>

<p>On another note, would you rather go to Manchester or Vancouver (UBC) ?</p>

<p>UBC, but that's because I'm sick of living in England (hence I'm moving to Montreal and McGill). But if you want to study here and you like city life, you could do a lot worse than Manchester.</p>

<p>Are you implying that Manchester is better than Vancouver for city life? How so?</p>

<p>No, at what point did I say that? I've never been to either (As I said earlier), I just have friends at uni in Manchester... I haven't said anything about Vancouver.</p>

<p>you mentioned i could do a lot worse than in Manchester, didn't you?</p>

<p>I said " if you want to study here (i.e UK) and you like city life, you could do a lot worse than Manchester". I say again, at no point have I commented on UBC. I suggest you re-read my posts, you seem to have gotten confused.</p>

<p>Cultural misunderstanding here I think! In the UK "Your could do a lot worse than Manchester" means that there are a lot of unis worse than Manchester. ie.Manchester is a good university. Similar misunderstanding arises from "I couldn't care less". In the UK this means I don't care. In the US it is sometimes used to mean the opposite.</p>

<p>cupcake: yes i guess its due to different cultural interpretations. I learnt something new about the British today! :)</p>

<p>I apologise for the confusion, but yes I meant if you come to the UK... Manchester is a good university for sure, whether it is better or worse than UBC I cannot comment on.</p>

<p>Nah its fine :)</p>

<p>On a random note, i applied to McGill arts as well, hoping to major in both political science and economics. Are you planning to learn French beforehand?</p>

<p>Nice, I'll be majoring in PolSci too, maybe an econ minor not sure yet. I already have good French proficiency from school (IB HL French B), I'm near fluent in conversational French so I think that will be a decent starting point.</p>

<p>@oscarUK: i see. I am fine with either political science or economics but just gotta go through the first year to see which one appeals more to me. And do you happen to be Ishamo on TSR???</p>

<p>That's me yep.</p>