University of Maryland - Virtus Community

My son was recently accepted to UMD into the Clark School of Engineering. He received an email inviting him to apply for the Virtus Living/Learning Community. He looked into it a little and seems interested. It sounds like a good way for engineering students to get involved socially and also to build a network for support academically. We were wondering though, if he submits an application to Virtus and is accepted, is it binding, or can he decline the offer if he decides to? The Virtus application deadline is April 1st, and he is visiting the school on April 5th for the first time for an accepted students’ day, so he would really like to see the school and learn more about some of the other programs offered, etc. before having to commit to a program. Also, if anyone has any thoughts on the Virtus living/learning program, or any other engineering living communities that are offered at UMD we would really appreciate it.

This is the Loyola University page, not UMD. You should probably repost there.