University of Miami Early Action 2026

I thought we should start a thread.


Decisions expected 1/31 or 2/1, right?

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I don’t know. Is that what they said?

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The website says Late January/Early February.


Thanks D22 just rejected from Tulane lol Hope this has a better outcome.


Did everyone get a letter asking if you are interested in moving your app from EA to EDII?


Yes. I did.

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Not yet, and the answer would be no; not ready to make that commitment.


Yes, my daughter did as well

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No! When would that have come through? Paper or email?

yes, my son too.

My daughter got an email on Wednesday.

Nothing here.

Our D received the same email…any thoughts on how the option of going EDII would affect your chances? It seems positive but maybe I am reading too much into it…

Going ED eliminates the possibility of merit so unless Miami is the absolute wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, and can pay full price, the stick with early action.

There is a slight advantage to going ED because they know your stuck and that they dont have to give you money. But its not like Tulane where they accept 70 percent ED.

For us, at this point, if they don’t want her, then ED wont matter much. If you are truly borderline ED will lead to deferred. If you are acceptable, they will most likely accept yoh anyway

Understand. Just trying to comprehend the process of why they are offering EDII to EA folks…is this normal or are they trying to get these potential students to commit now versus later…I view it as positive sign but I don’t know…

Hmmm. I just figured they sent it to everyone.

Based on the small sample of replies above it doesn’t sound like it…

I initially felt the same way and had to shake it off for peace of mind. :expressionless:

Are you sure they don’t offer merit to EDII? I believe based on your scores there is a fixed merit. I agree maybe not enough if you want to have options.

Also from prior threads, I do believe that UM yield protects - so your chances of acceptance is much higher in EDII - so I would not assume the chances of getting in are similar between EA and EDII.

Just what I read in CC. My daughter is a junior and will likely apply EA. If they give her an offer to switch to EDII I would definitely weigh my options, definitely consider seriously if it was her top choice.

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