University of Miami Frost School of Music decision release date

who’s heard anything from Frost?

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Prescreen accepted in music media scoring BM

My son applied EA to M.A.D.E program. Auditioned 12/4. Deferred 1/28. Frost is by far his #1 choice, but feeling very nervous about the competition, particularly for M.A.D.E.

Does anyone have any info about # accepted EA? Chances of getting in regular decision if you’ve been deferred from EA?

Hi, my son applied for Media Scoring and Production. Got prescreen accepted in Jan and sent recorded audition as well. All the colleges he applied called him for an interview, except Frost and USC(Interview is not part of the process for USC). We wonder why Frost didn’t say anything about interview. Any composer/Media scoring student had an interview with Frost as part of Admission process?

My daughter applied EA to Frost and auditioned in person in December. An interview was not part of the process for Media Scoring and Production (this is the major she applied for). She was deferred; hopefully we will find out her Frost decision sometime this month! I would love to hear if anyone has any intel on when Miami/Frost will be releasing those decisions.


My son is in the exact same position (EA deferred, MSP major). I’m guessing we’ll hear at the same time as all other regular decision applicants, which I’m hoping is no later than Fri Mar 25 (based on previous years)?

Thanks, good luck to your son!

Decisions are out. Son got in for Media scoring and Production

Congratulations! Did your son get an acceptance letter from the University of Miami as well as an additional notice from Frost?

SyComp is me by the way. Long story short that was a different account on my phone. Anyways, to answer your question there is no separate letter from Frost school of Music. Acceptance Letter is from University of Miami

President’s Music Scholarship 1 and 2 mentioned on the letter and also his major so I don’t think there will be any additional notice from frost? Have you gotten a notice from Frost?

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@NS2003 , congratulations to your son! My daughter was declined. Thankfully she was accepted to Berklee ( her first choice) with some nice scholarship money. Allthe best to you on your journey.

Berklee is a great choice! All the best to your daughter!!

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Our son got in for composition! Recorded performance “audition” but I doubt that helped. High stats academically, unsure if that even factored in. Presidential scholarship & music scholarship.


Can I ask, what do the President’s Music Scholarship 1 and 2 include? is it the same amount for everyone?


Hi ! If you are waiting for Frost merit, my son accidentally found it this evening, so check portal! FYI President 1 is 25k and President 2 is 33k. Not sure if same amount for everyone? Good luck!


Thank you so much for replying, just found out DD was accepted to the MIND program at Frost with Presidential 1 music scholarship! So exciting!

That’s awesome! Congratulations!!!
Will she likely go? It is top of my son’s list right now!

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Top of the list for us, too. We’re going to enjoy the rest of March, make sure all financials work out and decided early April. I can breathe now!! Best of luck!

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