University of Miami Waitlist Class of 2025

Hi! I’ve noticed a good amount of applicants to the University of Miami have been waitlisted this year, so I thought I’d create a place for waitlisted students to chat!

UMiami Class of 2025 RD
University of Miami Deferred Class of 2025


We should all say are major because I believe when someone is accepted but won’t attend they look through the pool of the people waitlisted in that field or major. (Entrepreneurship)
I really want to get accepted but might have settle for state school

Can they still spring admit from the waitlist?

No I think I read that waitlists go into the fall semester

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Community and Applied Psychological Studies in School of Ed and Human Development.

biomedical engineering

hi all, do you have to submit a letter of continued interest after you’ve submitted the waitlist form or nah

you don’t need to but i feel like its expected and will help your chances, i only wrote one bc miami is my top school and i just reiterated that in my email

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Does anyone think we could hear before May 1st?

yes - I know people who got in the last two weeks of April off the waitlist.


Hi has anyone got in off waitlist yet?? Hoping I do!!

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