University of Michigan- Ann Arbor and NYU

Hello everyone,

I was admitted to the English Department of both NYU and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor graduate programs. To me, they are both fantastic schools in completely different cities and with excellent faculty. However, I would love to hear people’s opinions and insights on both schools/cities. I am undecided about where to go.

I apologize for posting this in the testing forum. If someone can guide me on how to post in a graduate forum, that will truly help. I am a new member. Thank you!

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@ap092987 Now I can’t speak for the NYU campus and college experience, but being a student at UM in Ann Arbor, I truly can’t compare the experience to anything else. The city of Ann Arbor merges perfectly with the college and academic lifestyle hundreds of institutions strive for. It does typically get a little colder in Ann Arbor than the Big Apple, but UM and its local community are only growing, improving for the future. For your time at UM, new halls around the “Diag” will be opened and others are currently getting renovated. If you want to feel as if your apart of a school and a tight-knit community, Ann Arbor is the place to be.

Thank you for sharing your input and experiences! I truly appreciate it!

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English at the University of Michigan has been making huge strides and the Literature, Science, & the Arts Department has created more post-graduation opportunities for students than ever before. Definitely check it out!