University of Michigan Transfer- Winter 2020

Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could chance me and tell me when does the application open for Winter20 for common app.

-going to be sophomore at MSU FALL19
-Asian Background
-major: Computer Science, minor Chinese
-total of 61 credits at MSU(30 from AP, pretty sure will have 26 credits for AP for Michigan)
-4.0 gpa
-most of my credits transfer except Chinese which will be taking a placement test if i get in
-transferring to LSA for computer science
-Honors student, and deans list
-EC: Table tennis and maybe some club in computer science this fall
-In State Resident



Question: does your personal transfer counselor review your app in the application process? (just curious mostly)


hello everyone, is the application for winter quarter available now on common app?

Hey everyone! Can anyone chance me please?
Current University: Rutgers University
GPA (CUM): 3.93
Honor: all semesters honor list, honor program
Major: Physics
Total Credits: 36
Umich transferable credits by time of enrollment: around 52
Demographics: Asian
HS: around 3.0 SAT 1350
Extracurricular Activities: astronomy club, society of physics, philosophy club, and some other volunteer. Will do an independent study with my English professor for the fall semester.
Essays: will begin writing it soon
Letter of Recommendation strength: I want to ask my English professor and physics professor. I will do it one month ahead the deadline. I think it would be strong.

Please let me know what you think. And if you have any advice, I would like to hear about it. I do appreciate the help! Thank you all very much.

get accepted to UCLA.

Hey, is it normal for the Common App essay questions to be around 1500 and 1650 characters? Isn’t that kind of short?

The character count has to be an error

im rolling over my application from a previous semester but i was wondering when the deadline is for the winter semesters applications ???

What do you say when you want to roll over an application? Also the deadline is October 1st

you mean like how do you get your application rolled over? you have to submit an update request through the umich website. if you mean why did i roll it over? i rolled my application for fall 2019 over to winter 2020 bc i got a message saying “…The quality of academic work you demonstrated last semester was impressive, and it was noted in the evaluation of your application. If your interest in attending the University of Michigan continues, you should continue to build upon the strong academic performance you have shown and update your application for consideration for the next available term. Please request this update in writing prior to the deadline of your desired new term of entry…”

Was the request an email? If so what did you write in it/what information did they need

i dont exactly remember how i did it bc it was back in march but if you search transfer update request on the umich website it should walk you through the steps. i do know that i needed to provide the classes i’ll be taking in the fall, and the amount of credits i’ll have, as well as my transcript.

thank you!

does anyone know the likeliness of getting accepted with a 3.43 gpa and one C+/one C- on your transcript? i’ve made deans list three out of the four semesters i’ve been in college and have mostly had an upward grade trend (besides the C-, which i’ve emailed admissions about)???

How many completed/in-progress units do you have? Also, what were your high school stats?

after the fall semester i’ll have 72 credits
so they won’t need my high school stats (they were trash and thats probably why i didnt get accepted for the fall … 2.8 gpa, no EC’s)

Hi everyone! I started out at Michigan state fall 2018. I had to medically withdraw and I just completed my first winter and spring semesters at my local community college. I plan on applying to Ann Arbor instead of trying to return to MSU haha. I want to apply to LSA as a sophomore with junior status credits in progress. I already went to a transfer tuesday event and had my credits evaluated. When applying, I will have 30 completed credits, and 15-25 planned for the winter and spring semesters. If I apply with 30, but would transfer with 50, what do you think my chances are? I have a 3.72 right now. Essays will probably be strong for me. I work year round and I have a chronic illness, which leaves me no energy for clubs or sports. In HS I had a 3.5 and SAT 1340 ACT 30.

If I want to transfer to Ross for 2020 do I have to do common app or the CollegeNet Apply Web thing on their website? Or both?